All over Canada from Vancouver, Victoria , Kamloops, Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Regina, SaskatoonWinnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, St Johns, enlightenment to me is something I see as a very unique and personal experience. 

Each person will experience this at different times in their lives. It is that moment when you get the ever popular, “AHA” moment, the awakening. Enlightenment means, educating yourself, opening oneself up to experience new things, seeking change. 

I feel as though the word “Enlightenment” has a religious connotation to it, and this has steered me away from using this word in my daily life. 

Let me explain. I have never been a ‘religious’ person in the traditional sense that I grew up with. I always felt if I was to be labelled religious, then I would be seen as someone who cannot choose my own path. 

Enlightenment: Catholic Faith

Choosing rules that would lead us on a path to redemption through a Catholic faith were the basic beliefs in my childhood home. I could not understand how everyone needed to believe and follow the same rules. 

However, I have been enlightened, funny enough, on what the word religion means, and it is different for each person. 

Taking a yoga teacher training, enlightenment means, opening my mind to seeing and feeling what’s deeper in me. It is searching for a meaning, an answer, to what my life direction is and if I am on the right path. 

My Goals

It is the understanding that there is more, but working to find the what, the who, the where. It is about asking myself questions and working towards getting answers or more clarity. It’s about being able to seek change and do the work to find that change. It’s working towards my goals in life. 

It is manifesting the happiness I have within, and not looking for happiness anywhere else. I have learned that I need to be my own happiness before I can “boost” it up with outward sources. 

Nothing can MAKE me happy, but it can help with a happiness feeling or mood. Learning this precious nugget of information has given me an overall sense of enlightenment when it comes to how to achieve goals in my life. 


My approach to happiness has changed, I have learned meditation, focusing my own mind, and to work within myself to find my own groove. 

Enlightenment is being my true self while getting rid of what I am not. I don’t need to be what other people need me to be. I am not here to please everyone. I am here to be me, and my surroundings will accept me. 

Relationships will come and go, and I can be happy with this, knowing I am being my true self. It will always be a work in progress. Working on the feeling of the importance of myself in this world, and the impact I have on others. 

The Movie

In the movie Enlighten Up, I learned it’s important to become my own guru. This resonated with me, as I see everyone looking to seek answers in other people, other gurus, Gods, coaches. When, we need to work on being our own unique voice. 

We don’t seem to have the confidence within ourselves to trust that we are a guru. I am also guilty of always looking for someone else to give me an answer, a new self-help book, a one being or person who seems to have all the answers. 

All this information I retrieve can help build me to be my own version of my own guru. I have educated myself to be able to see more, to open up more, and this is what enlightenment is to me.