the soul

The word soul (i.e. the spirit) comes from the latin word “anima”.  The Soul has been loosely defined as the incorporeal essence of a living being” (Encyclopedia Britannia, 2010). 

In any cities in Canada from Vancouver, Victoria , Kamloops, Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Regina, SaskatoonWinnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, St Johns, the soul is much more complicated than the “incorporeal essence of three dimensional living.  For me the spirit is our life force, that which remains with us for life.


Soul for me signifies an individual’s essence, something that doesn’t shift or change throughout one’s life, regardless of the experiences one may encounter.  

Like in Yoga Teacher Training (YTT),Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the soul resides in one’s heart and is called Shen, which lives in the heart and in the blood and has a lot to do with our mental health. 

Although in my understanding of TCM there is a stronger emphasis on the heart than the mind. Which I find unique as this is where the soul resides according to that tradition.  

Chinese Medicine view of the Soul, gives me reverence for all the unique views that make up our world.


I think of soul is our gifts that we bring to the world. And freedom that is involved with sharing these gifts once we have identified what they are. 

Perhaps in the offering of those gifts, we are essentially expressing what has always been with us, our soul.

I often have paused and wondered what the spirit of the world may be?  


When I hear and re-tell these stories the red thread of consistency that shows up for me is that the soul is tied directly to life force, spirit or god, however one may define it.

Which makes me wonder, can people disconnected with self, spirit or god, feel a connection to their own spirit?  

What I can define as the spirit for me is an individual’s direct connection with spirit/god. And how they carry that deep connection throughout their individual interactions and day to day life.  

In The End

I hadn’t really realized it before starting this course, but for me my practice of yoga is a direct connection for me to spirit, which is likely why I feel satisfied and “lighter” once I’ve completed my practice.  

It is almost as if yoga and yogic practice(s) are “a remembering or returning to ones soul”soul

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