What the soul means to me right now is more of a complex idea than it is a tangible thing. To me, a soul is the very core of our being. It is the light, the colour, the energy, the feeling, the weight and the gravity of our essence. 

Soul, I believe is inextricably linked to life force. And this is not meaning just the life we are experiencing in this current time and space. 


I then travel all over – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal –  and started a yoga teacher training (ytt) this year and I have come to realize the soul exists everywhere, much like God

One is part of the other, and the other part of the first. Every breath, every leaf, every pulse, every moment that surrounds us is incredibly full of soul. I feel as though for most of our lives we are taught to only exist externally to ourselves.  We are not a happy bunch at the moment! I believe that is because we are struggling to come to awareness of this concept.  

We know intrinsically that we are whole beings, that a soul mate is our connection with ourselves. That part that has been roaming through time and space to become whole again. We are taught that the completion of our soul comes from outside of ourselves as well! It is  the never-ending pursuit of ego and attachment. 


A part of us becomes incredibly off balance, uncertain and full of fear, when we realize the concepts we have been taught to believe no longer fit. 

However, it is this uncertainty that helps to shift momentum forward. It is through this discomfort that we become activated to reach a higher understanding, a truer connection, a more balanced being.  Soul is always there-it always has been, and it always will be.  

Doing yoga more now, I am slowly learning ways to bring myself back to the knowledge I already hold within myself, buried beneath years of doubt and lack of confidence. I tend to find myself in situations that do not honor my soul, and looking to learn a new way to remove myself from internal and external malicious patterns of being. 


Soul is guiding me back to God, and God-back to soul. Soul is faith beyond hope, soul is as concrete as math-and like math it is present in everything, all the time. We needn’t look very far to see symmetry and asymmetry, continuous patterns and even patterns of prime numbers all around us. 

The macro belongs to the micro and vice versa. Soul is not only the stars, but also the dark matter we know nothing about, except that maybe it exists. We are already whole, we are already perfect, we are just waiting for ourselves to arrive at the precise and divine right time of acknowledgement of this. 

We are infinitely capable of greatness; the challenge comes in learning how to acknowledge the noise that surrounds us in a way that it no longer creeps inside of the insecurities that drive us to believe them. This life is to get back in touch with soul, with knowing, with life force, with God and to have complete trust in the good of the divine