This yoga teacher training program was exactly what I needed to take my practice to the next level. The teachers were supportive and knowledgeable, and the program was well-structured and comprehensive. I feel confident and excited to start teaching yoga after completing this program.

Greg, Mar. 2023

A friend sent me the link to Karma Yogas Kundalini teacher course. Having a love for this unique and beautiful practice I decided to enroll. Over the course of the year I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge. It was nice that it was self paced. The staff was also kind answering my questions or any concerns I may have had. I am very happy to continue to grow as a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and spread the love of Awakening. Thank you Karma Yoga!

Brandee, May 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the 200hr self-study yoga teacher training. It was great to have the flexibility of studying at my own pace on my own time. I got so much out of the course content, and I feel I now have foundational knowledge and a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, its spiritual practices, and the functional anatomical aspects of the body and the poses. Chris, was always there to answer any questions I had about the course, he marked assignments quickly and gave valuable feedback. Though we only communicated online I could sense his approachable, warm personality, and expertise. This is a great course if you want to have a deeper understanding and knowledge of the yoga practice and philosophy. This course gave me a great foundation to begin on my yoga teaching journey, which has inspired me to become a yoga teacher and to move on to further training!

Melissa, Feb. 2021
My experience of taking the 200 hour YTT with Karma Yoga has been transformational.  The program was designed very well and I really enjoyed the layout of how it was presented.  All of the materials were easily accessible online and quite simple to be able to navigate.  The videos were also a great teaching tool to be thought provoking.  There was always support from Chris whenever I needed it and for that I am deeply grateful.  Chris was excellent in his timing of his responses.  Also, Chris was timely in his grading of my assignments and provided supportive direction on how to improve my understanding and teaching of Yoga.  This has been a wonderful experience on my journey to become a certified Yogi and I am forever grateful to Chris and Karma Yoga for the supportive community of Yoga education.
Thank you for this memorable learning experience!
Tim, Jan 2021
I initially started my yoga teacher training journey as simply a way to learn more about yoga for my own interest.  As COVID was a huge presence I researched online courses and found that Karma appeared to offer me the best opportunity to learn and be challenged.  Over the course of this year I have been working my way through some personal issues and it has been of great benefit for me to dig deeply into myself in order to complete the assignments and then to receive such personal and well thought out remarks from Chris.  Often our exchanges were incredibly meaningful to me and brought me great insight and light. I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned with others but more importantly learning from my students, who are as ever the greatest teachers we have.
Kirsten, Dec 2020

I am ecstatic to have taken my 200HR YTT online through Chris. Not only was it flexible, educational, but also incredibly fun. I have a loaded schedule that requires a lot of bouncing around, so this online format worked perfectly for my lifestyle. I have been teaching yoga for the last few months thanks to Chris who has helped me find my yoga voice and really pursue my dreams. I cant wait to get a little more experience and begin my 500HR certificate and possibly even more programs through Karma Yoga.

Amy, June 2020

Words could not possibly convey how delighted and thrilled I am to have taken the online 200 course with Karma Yoga. The self study option fitted in very well with my work/life/mom schedule as I was able to go at my own pace. It helped me realign with my purpose and got me back on my spiritual path via deep work on myself, including building self esteem and worth back up after some rather challenging periods of life. I feel humbled and honored to have been given the tools to further my own practice as well as being able to support others through their own journeys. Chris does a fabulous and thoughtful job of guiding studies, practice and theory at the right moments. I look very forward to continuing to be part of the Karma Yoga community. Truly a blessing.

Gwen, June 2020

Yoga entered my life a few years ago, I started out attending one class every so often and then found myself attending at least one class a week until finally yoga became a daily practice for me. I had soon discovered that yoga is so much more than increasing ones flexibility. My anxiety began to decrease dramatically, I was able to focus more at work, I started to become more at ease with myself and my body, and began having a deeper understanding of who I am. As I learned more from friends about the history and philosophy of yoga, I knew that one day I wanted to be able to share the vast array of benefits I received through my yoga practice with others. Living in rural Saskatchewan and still paying off student loans I didn't expect to find a course that would allow me to complete my yoga teacher training anytime soon. I then stumbled across the online teacher training being offered by Karma Yoga. I loved this course as I was able to work at my own pace, it was laid out in a way that encouraged one to delve into the background of yoga for a deeper understand of its roots and philosophy, as well as a deeper understanding oneself. Chris was always quick to answer any questions I had, and his feedback given on assignments was extremely beneficial. I know that I still have so much to learn about yoga, and am thankful to have the course material available to me for life as I continue along the path of being a Yoga Teacher. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a Yoga Teacher or looking to expand their personal knowledge of Yoga.

Sara, June 2020

I decided to take the online 200 hours teacher course from Karma Yoga while searching for a program I could do on my own time. This course has been the single best investment I have ever made. When I started the course, my understanding of yoga was minimal. I thought yoga was just a form of exercise to improve someone's flexibility, and that was it. This course is well structured, and it got me to have a full understanding of the yoga philosophies and origins and how it combines the body, mind, and soul to bring you to a higher state of being. This course had got me into meditation and has improved my wellbeing tremendously. I would say it's one of the main reasons I got out of depression because, at the time of taking it, I struggle to battle this mental illness. It's a course that is very well designed and will provide you with all the necessary tools to start your journey as a yoga teacher. Thank you, Chris.

Matt, May 2020

This is what I liked about the online program from karma yoga:

1.The choice of text books and the sequence they had to be read in is absolutely superb!

2.The papers and the information that I researched for writing them also taught me a great deal about yoga.

3.Practicing yoga as part of the program is also invaluable as it allowed me to think about and connect the theory to my practice.

4.The flexibility that this program offers as an online program worked perfectly for me as I work full time and have responsibilities towards my family members as well.The 1 year time frame seemed like the right amount of time allowing me to complete the program at a steady pace.

5.Chris is the most courteous and polite yoga teacher and administrator one could aspire to deal with. Also extremely knowledgeable on the subject !

6.I would recommend this program to everyone.

Roopa, Jan. 2020

Receiving my certified yoga certificate was a life goal for me. After moving to rural Saskatchewan I was not sure if this goal could become a reality. I searched for various options and found my fit with Karma Yoga. After reviewing Karma Yoga’s website and connecting with Chris I was excited to register and begin my training! I am so glad that I chose Karma Yoga because even though I was working independently, I found Chris was easy to connect with and responded timely to questions I had throughout the training. Chris also gave thoughtful feedback for the assignments I completed! This feedback provided additional perspectives and encouraged me to do better on my next assignments. I appreciate that I will have access to the course materials for life, as my learning and exploration into the theory of yoga will continue beyond my certification. I would recommend this course to anyone hoping to expand his or her knowledge of yoga or interested in becoming a yoga teacher!

Courtney, Sept. 2019

I really enjoyed the online 200 hour yoga teacher training program. I enjoyed the entire process. As I have a job and kids to take care of, it was difficult for me to join the on-site training, so the self- paced online program gave me flexibility and eliminated  my travel issues altogether. Moreover, I really love the books and online resources of the program - they are fantastic. And lastly, I also liked Chris as my teacher, I enjoyed reading his comments and I felt supported and well guided by him.

Jasmine, Sept 2019

I successfully completed the Karma Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training online course.  I had a personal timeline that I wanted to fulfill and Chris was amazing and worked with me to meet it successfully!
The course curriculum was very informative and beyond what I thought the course would offer. It was easy to follow and the readings and videos provided a great deal of information and were inline with the course information.

Margo, July 2019

Chris made the learning experience such a breeze, drawing from his experiences in practice and academics. The month-long course could be replicated anywhere in the world and it would be just as effective. Such a thrill to meet such an approachable and kind soul dedicated to the teaching of yoga.

Ruy, Mar, 2019

The Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training from Karma Yoga is impressively informative I have always wanted to take a Yoga teacher training and the open accessibility of this course, as well as the self-paced study has been an asset to my learning. Chris has been a source of support and integration throughout the course and has been more than generous with his time. The format of the course is easy to follow and intuitive for a deep integration of the yogic knowledge. Having practiced Yoga for years prior to this course I found both familiar and novel elements to the learning which helped me feel both confident and engaged. I am grateful to have experienced this course and would not hesitate to recommend this course to my friends and family.

Tanner, Mar. 2019

YTT200 with Karma Yoga was such a wonderful experience. The small class size really allowed us to get to know each other and grow together. I loved learning about the philosophy of yoga, and really appreciated the in-depth review of the asanas. Being allowed to teach a practice class was a great precursor to teaching our final certification class. Chris was thorough with his reviews, and made the entire process enjoyable. His business background is also a great asset to aspiring yoga teachers. It was a great experience, and I’d do it again! Thanks Karma Yoga and Chris.

Madhu, Mar 2019

I applied for the 200 hour YTT online training after a terrible loss in my life. I looked at many different training options and this one was the best fit. I needed a program that was flexible and would give me the opportunity to heal and grow in my own time and space. Chris was supportive from start to finish.  Not only did he answer my questions promptly, but he showed real compassion and empathy for my situation. I love that the program is set out very simply, allowing me time to amalgamate my learning and apply it to my yoga practice when I was ready to. I would recommend the online training for anyone with a busy lifestyle or if you like to learn at your own pace. It was a wonderful healing experience and I am grateful for all the help and guidance I received along the way.  

Maria, Jan 2019

I really enjoyed taking the online 200 hour yoga teacher training with Karma yoga. For me, it was all about flexibility and knowledge. I really liked the layout of the course in a sense that it was very simple to follow. The chapters were organized with the topics and the videos were also very interesting to watch. It was nice to go back and forth between a couple of books to get a different sense of writings and learn in various ways. I really enjoyed how I could manage my time with my busy life and literally work on my assignments/readings at any time of the day. The practice quiz was a HUGE help in knowing which areas I needed to work on more to prepare for the final exam. Chris was fantastic and quick in responding to my questions and his feedbacks throughout the program helped me in completing the course successfully.  

Tara, Dec. 2018

This course helped me understand what yoga is and found theory was very interesting. Loved meeting great people. I also liked understanding how to perform poses safely to avoid injury. I also liked learning breathing exercises as well as our meditation performed on the first day of class. I appreciate Chris who was caring about my personal problems as well and guided me with his advice.  I like  how the course is short and easy. This is a great course if you are not that knowledgeable about yoga.

Vanessa, Sept 2018

It was an incredible YTT program. I truly enjoyed it! It helped me to deepen my knowledge of yoga and strengthen my interest in yoga. It really provided me the platform to personalize the facets of yoga. I learnt that yoga is the springboard to an integrated life: a healthy, happy and holy life. Chris has a deep knowledge about human anatomy. His competency as a yoga instructor was very explicit in the way he synthesized yoga Asanas giving paramount importance to anatomy. His insistence on proper sequencing of Asanas alerted us to avoid injuries. His personal attention to every student and timely corrections demonstrated his skills as a yoga master. I liked his wit and wisdom. He was awesome!

Thomas, Sept 2018

Karma Yoga YTT was a great experience. From the history of yoga to the philosophies, and the great people who introduced yoga to the western world. We all learned the proper sequencing of asanas to flow into the next. Chris was a great instructor for this teacher training and kept us all focused while having fun. I look forward to the next YTT! Thank you Chris!

Tara, Sept 2018

To be frank, I came to this course just to gain some knowledge for myself and how to do postures correctly and the most efficient way. But I definitely learned much more than that. This course is a great combination of physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga through anatomy training, detailed review and practice of basic and advanced yoga asanas. After only 4 weeks of training I felt much more confident in my practice and even in teaching. I realized that I actually want to teach yoga! During the breaks and after classes our instructor, Chris, was able to talk to each student and I personally received from him great ideas about how I can start my own practice and how I can gain more experience and confidence on teaching (English is not my first language so this another challenge for me).  I'm very grateful for being able to have this training with a group of amazing people and such a friend and supportive environment.  Happy journey to all of us!  Namaste!

Kate, Apr. 2018

I was thrilled to be able finally come and do my yoga training with Karma Yoga. Chris was a fantastic trainer and really helped me understand the fundamentals of my own  challenges and in turn helped me to find my true voice.  Now I feel I am on the right path to a new deeper purpose in life. 

Cathy, Nov. 2017

Chris, you are an amazing teacher and inspiration! I’m glad I made the time to just be a part of this training.The knowledge I’ve gained is incredible. Thank you for starting such an awesome and affordable teacher training class in Hamilton. 

Parth, Sept 2017

Chris  is a wonderful, down to earth yogi, full of passion with distinct style. This journey has allowed me to explore a deeper sense of self I’ve never touched before. Thanks to Karma Yoga and training in nature I have come closer to the unique blessings Yoga has to offer. It has improved my Yoga practice physically and mentally and brought my inner voice closer to a spiritual path. The group was amazing and the energy was truly supportive and nurturing. I can’t wait to share and explore more avenues of Yoga and keep the energy alive as I take it further into my life and teachings. 

Cynthia, Sept. 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my training with Karma Yoga in Dundas, Ontario!  We had a really great class size that was very conducive to interactive and practical learning.  We got to enjoy almost all of our classes outside, either in a nearby park, or a short drive away to one of several beautiful nature reserves. I had no idea Dundas was so beautiful! Chris was a great, passionate instructor that I hope to meet again for YTT500!   

Alli, Sept 2017

I had a great time during my YTT training with Karma yoga this past August. I loved learning and practice my skills in a fun and relaxed environment. I met amazing people in my class. I really enjoyed learning and working with Chris!! I look forward to continuing  and growing on my yoga journey. 

Mel, Sept, 2017

I joined Karma Yoga to take my Yoga Teacher Training Course after many years of considering where and how it was feasible time wise and affordable! Karma Yoga did both with their one month intensive course. Small amount of students so very personable and what a great bunch of 5 amazing ladies from all walks of life. 

Jenmy, Mar 2019
Karma Yoga Teacher Training- A month spent deepening my personal yoga practice, learning how to teach poses, discovering more out about myself, and meeting new friends- I loved it! 
Larassya, July, 2017

Karma Yoga Teacher Training was the most affordable in town and fit in well with my schedule, so I chose to do the teacher training as a self- development project. I did the intensive 4 week program which just flew by! I loved the studio location (right by the beach) and that it was in a quiet suburban neighborhood. The flow of the course was lovely with alternating between being active and seated while learning throughout the day. The manual and the powerpoint presentations were very useful and informative and Chris (the teacher) was a passionate, caring individual and was a pleasure to learn from. The group class was small and personalized and Chris was always available for individual attention if you needed any. I loved learning all the philosophy behind yoga and days went by very quickly as there was a lot of information to be taught. Thanks Chris and Karma Yoga for this wonderful experience! 

Val, July 2017

After doing my first yoga teacher training in the Bahamanas, I felt ready to teach. I did my second teacher training with Karma Yoga this past June and all I can say is Wow!!! They really put a new spin on teaching. They took the conventional atmosphere and instantly made it this light-hearted, yet homey feeling space.It proved to be the perfect place for meto give back to myself. It was a place where I was able to comfortably open up, share laughter and work with others towards a common goal. Even the philosophy discussions and presentations kept my full attention. They were upbeat, informative and inspiring. Most of all, each and every one of us was actively involved. Day by day I got to see the positive changes within myself. It's was a journey that everyone should personally experience and Karma Yoga is certainly doing it right. 

A.J, June 2017

My experience with Karma Yoga Teaching Training has been very uplifting and made me feel more confident to be able to teach yoga. I learned a lot about asanas and their benefits as well as the history of Yoga. The studio is very cozy and inviting, the vibe is very positive, fun and genuine and the location is central and accessible as are the prices. I feel very happy that I chose Karma Yoga for my teacher training and I can't wait to teach more in the future. 

Laura, Apr. 2017

 I'm full of gratitude after my 4 week training. I started the program honestly broke personally and I have now found my voice and  strength again. 

Katti, Nov. 2016

I could say alot about my experince, but the program with Karma gave me a better understanding whats makes a good teacher and one who actually makes a difference. It also gave me the tools to becoming the person I want to be mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Marcy, Nov. 2016

For many years, I have wanted to take a yoga teacher training program. From the program, I gained a great insight into yoga and myself. Now as a yoga teacher, I feel I have the patience and compassion to guide students on their own journeys.

Jen, Aug. 2016