Solace, BA, BA CYT, Lead Instructor  & Yoga Teacher Training Director

Solace, has been practicing yoga since 2003 and has been teaching since 2010. In his teachings, Solace is most interested in connecting people with the healing aspects of yoga; through movement, breath, and meditation. His classes combine mindfulness of alignment, breath, and a sense of play. Aside to teaching in our yoga teacher training programs, Solace teaches hatha classes, special needs, meditation and sees clients for private yoga sessions. Lastly, he tries to teach new teachers to find their ‘true voice’ as yoga teachers!

Tanner, BA, BA, CYT,  Instructor 

Tanner has studied and practice yoga personally and academically. His degrees in Philosophy and Religious studies in tandem with his devoted personal practice allow him to bring a historical richness to the exploration of yoga. He is also a trained Reiki Master and practitioner.