Everything is backwards now, like out there is the dream, and in here is the true world.

Avatar The Movie

Two Things Exist In The World

If we go through the main texts of yoga, the Vedas and the Gita, we come to an understanding that according to Hindu tradition, the world is made up of 2 things: practical matter and the spirit.

More specifically, Purusha is the soul, the Self, pure consciousness, and the only source of consciousness. While Prakriti is that which the world is made of (i.e matter like).

My Years

In my years as a yoga master, doing YTT’s in Vancouver, Hamilton, Toronto and Victoria, I have had the unique experience to be able to witness yoga students radical changes – sometimes no changes – as they go through a yoga teacher training program with me.

Sometimes I have struggled after a program is over, if there’s something actually more than the mechanics of teaching people about the anatomy, the joints, the different poses, how to do them without causing injury and all the other components that make up a yoga teacher training program.

I obviously had my own experiences, which have led me to a career as a yoga master. One thing I can say now definitely is the spirit does live.

Nothing else can account for the hardwiredness that we all have for a sense of justice, a sense of forgiveness and that the body itself – in which the soul is contained –  is completely hardwired for these feelings. Nurturing in no way causes this.

Yoga’s Role

Yoga reminds us of the fact that we are a spirit living within a body. Moreover, the Sutra teaches us that the world around us is an illusion (the world of Maya, as it is called) and that there really is nothing to fear and that our ability to change ourselves in this consciousness is ultimately limitless.

When we see the world this way, we begin to see that all the things that have caused us fear over the years doesn’t come close to this reality.

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