What It Is Really? 

While many view yoga as the latest work out trend, this ancient practice represents the symbol of self love.

In our modern society with ever changing surroundings, majority of us are in a continuous battle with stress.

Yoga has proven itself scientifically, time after time. Studies have shown that it can actually alter our DNA and rewire our brains. I’ve worked with cancer patients who heal at a miraculous rate with daily restorative yoga practice. Why?

Stress And Yoga?

When the body is in a stressful state ruled by the sympathetic nervous system, our body is in survival mode. Results of being in a constant state of stress are high cortisol, illness, inflammation, weight gain, depression, and so forth. When we are in this mode, our body shuts off secondary parts of function such as growth, healing, and rest as it struggles in survival mode.

Sometimes even during sleep we are not fully at rest as our muscles are still tense, while some of us even grind our teeth. Rest is non movement, and it is only through rest, that our bodies repair the damages, heal the wounds, emotionally and physically.

Just Do Yoga

On a return on invest, the amount of energy and time yoga takes will be the best investment anyone can make to improve their health in a short period of time. So treat yourself to a yoga class today, give yourself that love, you deserve it.

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