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Yoga has been becoming a more and more known routine in the modern society, especially Canada. Statistics from google trends show that our country has been leading the way; British Columbia being the top province and Parksville, Vancouver and then Victoria in the lead for cities.

But what is it that is making it so popular?

It allows you to “disconnect” from the pace of technology. The world that we know today, despite the many ways to connect from others, disconnects us from ourselves in the meantime. You no longer need to talk to someone as you purchase something. You don’t need to do much in person, and yet we are constantly connected to everyone else as long as the cell phone or laptop is on.

Yoga assists you in reconnecting with yourself. The loud noise that is life as we know it, is calmed with the meditation involved. And if the yoga is taught by someone who knows how to guide you properly, then you can get to that inner point to feel and experience all that is you.

We are always subconsciously craving that feeling. Once you have tapped into that, you are a lot more at ease with your self and more confident in your choices.

Similarly, it is a very good way to de-stress. With the amount of stress people deal with every day on their own, it’s no wonder yoga has become very helpful with mental illness. The mantras, meditations and breathing techniques help calm the nerves.

It is being used to change the quality of lives

In many cities across Canada, Victoria, Hamilton, Vancouver, yoga is being practiced in many areas such as schools, prisons, and other social settings as a way to aid people with chronic suffering. Studies and interviews have shown that yoga has been used to help families and schools with autistic children.

It has been shown that children respond to yoga positively, as it has helped them calm down and ground themselves. Research has shown that having yoga offered and used with children have improved their academic grades.

Yoga has also been used with people dealing with addiction, and proven to be very helpful in coping with withdrawal symptoms.

It is a (fun) lifestyle!

Once past the introduction to yoga, it becomes clear it is a way of life beyond the mat. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, there is an 8-fold path leading to Gods’ realization: Yama’s and Niyamas.

These 10 ethical guidelines and foundation to all yogic thought guide people on being more relateable. It is said by loyal yogis that once yoga is  practised off the mat also, we become more connected with everything. With this we learn and feel more compassion for everyone and thing around us.

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