We Find Enlightenment In Yoga Teacher Training

All over the world, Victoria, Vancouver, NanaimoComox, Campbell River, Kamloops, Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Halifax, Saint John, St Johns or even aboard Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro  Greece, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Buenos Aires, Dallas, MiamiNew York, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Tel Aviv, Enlightenment is rooted in consciousness and our motivation to fully experience entirely who we  are. 

I like the concept of Samadhi, which I learned in my 200 hour yoga teacher training (ytt). It says our natural state is bliss. Which I imagine is where we get to once we find enlightenment. We are always changing, moving,  improving but to do this consciously is to seek self-realisation.  


The traditional western concept is interrelated to humanism in which people wish to obtain divine  knowledge of knowing or understanding God’s thinking. But enlightenment concepts in yogic  philosophy generally appears to focus on how we must obtain a state in which we are not separated  to God

Therefore, we cannot think our way to enlightenment. Enlightenment is obtained when  we feel we are in union with the universe. 

For me, my personal enlightenment journey has been about directing intention towards cultivating  my tolerance, self-love and self-compassion. I have only been actively thinking about how I have  approached self-love since healing from my trauma. 

Self Love

Prior, self-love was not something I would  have actively pursued. Instead, I strove to achieve what my parents, friends and society told me I  was capable of. 

An enlightenment moment occurred when I realised that those mean nothing if  they do not fulfil my inner happiness.  

Living under constant negativity and violence for a period, my self-confidence was quickly eroded.  


Enlightenment to me means not being tied down to these negative messages. Through yoga and yoga teacher training, I am  learning that I can reconfigure my beliefs through affirmations.  I am living my  most authentic life not being defined by conceptions of what or who I am by others.  

Enlightenment therefore is the state of being free from feeling as though we need to identify, and  therefore to surrender our ego’s

This state will mean that we trust ourselves. In other words, being  with someone who is enlightened feels as though in their presence, this individual is wholly at ease  with themselves and with their place in the world.  


Moving beyond the regret, sadness, pain, anger and blame of my trauma, and into what self-love  is which entails self-acceptance, I believe that enlightenment opportunities are always present. I  am learning to let go of my past’s hold or grip on me.  

I understand now that my true self has always been within myself. And the need to identify this in  my body and mind to be able to go forward is key. 

In The End

Learning what love is, means that sometimes I will learn what love is not. I am grateful  to have taken a yoga teacher training, so I can now experience humanity to its fullest – both good  and bad. And I will now recognize signs to protect myself.  

True confidence is living my life so that I enhance others’ lives and help to empower them to do  the same. It is living and seeing life as being simple and less of “me” and living life according to  my principles and together with our common humanity.