yoga teacher training
yoga teacher training


Enlightenment is a result of the awakening process. To be enlightened, the soul must first  awaken to the idea there is much more to life than just oneself. 

It’s the understanding and  knowing you are apart of something so inconceivably big, much bigger than any one person.  


Whatever city  you live in  – Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Halifax or  St John’sEnlightenment is admitting and acknowledging your insignificance in some way, shape or form  and searching beyond yourself. It’s a step in our personal evolution that allows us to see beyond  ourselves into a greater and much deeper meaning. 


We can gain this understanding from doing yoga or yoga teacher training and come to the realization there is a reason for your  being and that reason is to evolve as a person on an individual level, so we as a collective, can  evolve together. The best thing anyone can do can do to help everyone is help themselves.  

Healing from past experiences, generational trauma and emotional wounds gives the opportunity  to see the world without projecting your own experiences. 

Enlightenment works beyond the  surface to heal deep wounds to gain insight on the why.  


Enlightenment is taking a step back and waiting before giving a reaction or responding.  Listening to the first voice you hear, your intuition, rather than the loudest voice, the ego.

The  ego tries to shift blame, refuses to acknowledge ownership and is often trying to protect your  feelings. 


Doing yoga or a yoga teacher training we come to understand our intuition comes from the gut. That feeling of deep inner knowing that is never  wrong.

Our intuition is often tuned out and ignored, leading some to live their lives in a state of  complete darkness and unawareness. 

They spend their lives trying to achieve peace and  happiness through external pleasures. Those who are awakened and enlightened will tune into  the intuition and tune out the ego. The feeling of peace and happiness can only come from  within. 


Enlightenment allows you to be fully present in every moment, not stuck in the past or  living for the future. 

We are constantly evolving, breaking cycles and forgiving past selves. This  forgiving and acceptance of the past creates space to heal without projecting our own negative  experiences onto others and into the future. 

Enlightenment is the realization the universe is not  working for nor against me, it’s working through me. It’s working through all of us, the best  thing we can do to honour that, is to tune out eternal forces and connect with our soul. 

Who we  are meant to be rather than who society built us up to be. By shedding all that you are not, you  are left with only who you really are. 

So wherever you are right now be it: Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Halifax or  St John’s, we are all connected by this Divine energy, love and light.  It flows through all of us. Those who are enlightened can acknowledge this light as who they  truly are.