To me, yoga is more than just an exercise. It is a spiritual practice. Yoga is an approach to life, a lifestyle.  

It means it is an individual ability to regulate and connect your mind and your body to your soul. 

I  believe yoga often starts externally with form, posture, and often develops deeper within us. This includes our  muscle groups, our breathing, our thoughts, and our feelings. 

It is one of the only exercises we do as  people that incorporate all aspects of a person into one being. This self-care practice teaches a person  how to regulate their breathing while letting go of our thoughts and feelings while engaging the body.  


Regardless if you live in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or MontrealSt John’s, yoga can give you clarity. 

It allows me to stop and live, breath by breath. It gives me control when I feel I  have none. It gives me love from the most important person: myself. 

I have learnt even with continued  practice, yoga is a self-care journey, and ever evolving

The more a person is able to let go, the more  they are able to open themselves spiritually to learn who they are, to become aware of their  surroundings and what their physical or mental challenges are in life. 


Most importantly, yoga also  provides and creates a tool for an individual to manage the stressors and the daily tasks of life

Yoga  teaches us a higher conscious awareness by separating our egos from ourselves. Yoga creates stillness in  a “never sleeping society”. 


It allows us to let go of our thoughts and to focus on the underlying driving  forces of our environment, all a while teaching us how to overcome and push past these obstacles. It  shows us how to create calmness, and balance. 


Yoga shows us how to become and to stay present in the  moment.

It keeps us grounded through the life struggles, heals us during the sad times and celebrates  the good times. 

It is my best antidote and a hidden gem to this crazy world.