What is Enlightenment ?

I am not sure we are all made to know what enlightenment really means. It does not matter if we live in Victoria, Hamilton, Portland, Toronto or even Vancouver. I think this
term can be different for everyone and it a subjective thing to grasp. I think being a human
being, there are different levels of enlightenment and it can happen to everyone at different
stages in life.


Sometimes it is the time that you realize that you are doing something for the
wrong reasons or being with the wrong person and know it’s time you moved on.

I am not a religious person so if you ask me to reference the type of enlightenment
someone else thinks of as a buddhist, I can never relate. I understand that every religion
asks its followers to love one another and to do good, so I follow a set of morals that have
treated me well through the short years of my life.

Where Comes From

I know yoga is a practice that comes from India and has its roots deep in the history of Buddhism, but I believe practicing yoga doesn’t mean I automatically become the way of Buddha.

Enlightenment can simply be achieved in
my own journey of life someday. It is like seeing light at the end of a dark tunnel.

I believe that enlightenment can be reached by any able body that puts their mind into
doing something from start to finish.

By putting my whole heart and soul into accomplishing a
task can give me a sense that there is an emergence of an immaturity from where I began to
where I end up — I have learned more by doing it, no matter what it is, over that course of
time I take to do it.

True Enlightenment

True enlightenment is not easily expressed by words to accompany a feeling. I think it
will be a moment that transcends reality and normal consciousness. Enlightenment is
perhaps an experience of ecstasy where my spirit can be lifted from my body leaving this
material world behind with the least amount of care for anything.

True enlightenment also not easily achieved. I believe that I would have to give up
everything that I hold dearly, which includes all worldly possessions that I have grown so
accustomed to having.

As we get older, we hope to get wiser and wiser meaning we create
more and more memories of our past experiences and of the things that we learnt. This
takes me to the topic of death. Many close family members who have now passed has had
dementia in the last part of their lives. I now almost envy them as they have all lost the
thoughts and memories that have once shaped who they were.


Perhaps enlightenment is what we all achieve at the end of our lives and who let go of all those things that shape who we are and let the earth reclaim that knowingly, nothing good or bad can last forever.
Will this question ever be answered ? I don’t know, as I have not reached enlightenment yet. I have a long way to go.

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