the soul

What is the Soul? 

Wherever you live – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or MontrealSt John’s or even aboard Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro  and Tel Aviv – the soul is an ancient, wise part of me, it is part of all of us, it is what gives us consciousness, it  gives us intuition, guidance, and answers if we are aligned with it. 

After taking a yoga teacher training, I believe it is such an ancient  part of us, as ancient as mother earth and beyond, it connects us to mother earth and the universe


It escapes our physical body once our physical body dies, and our soul goes back to its home in  

the cosmos or wherever that may be, it keeps living on. It is unexplainable, something we can  only sometimes feel, something that cannot be proven, or seen. 


This is why meditation is such an important practice, the silence of our minds, with focus  internally, enables us to connect with our soul, our higher power, higher self, our guidance. 

I  appreciate what was said about connecting with our soul when in total aliveness as well,  sometimes this can be felt in dance, or after an intense yoga practice, after climbing a mountain,  found in pure happiness and joy. 


To connect with our soul is to connect with the light that is in  us, if we walk in a spiritual path it is that light of the soul that can shine through us, and enable  us to be better versions of ourselves, to be with our true selves as one.  

two souls hugging


The soul does not have form, our physical body carries the soul until our bodies die. The  soul escapes when we die and continues living on, as it has for thousands of years. It then joins back  with the spirit world, the universal divine intelligence of beyond. 

The soul is our inner being, our  consciousness, the part of us that has no form, beyond the physical, it is the purest form of who  we are. 

This is what makes up the spiritual part of us, we are incomplete without it. As we are  without any of the other realms that keep us alive and carry through this world, the physical,  mental, emotional, spiritual.


Yoga and meditation help us to reawaken that part of us, to regain connection  to our spirit and soul. To sit in stillness and quietness with us, to move in connection with all the  realms of our being through yoga.

To regain connection with it, and to move through this world  in a form of lightness and purity sharing this with others, a soulful, spiritual person. 

Some say the  soul is given to us through hardships we experience. So through awakening and survival of these  hardships we can gain deeper empathy and spiritual connection to the world, others, nature and  the universe.