Regardless where you live in Canada, Vancouver, Victoria , Kamloops, Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Regina, Saskatoon,  Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, London , Halifax, St Johns we sometimes  accidentally find a film, ordinary at first glance, but it comes at the right time and place and it responds in our heart, answer our questions, motivates us, supports, and makes us stop and think about our own lives. I came across this film when I was doing my yoga teacher trainig program.

This is what the movie “Peaceful warrior” became for me.This film-the story of Dan Millman begins with his nightmares, where he sees his legs turn into stone and crumble under the weight of the rest of the body.

About Dan

Dan is a student of university and very promising gymnast. He almost one hundred percent will go to the National Championship to win a place at the national team. It seems that everything is fine: Dan is handsome, has excellent physical form, always gets high grades, women like him, his father has a lot of money… but something is missing. Dan is arrogant, relies only on his talent and outside of the training hall leads an idle lifestyle.


Then he gets acquainted with a strange person on a gas station whom Dan calls Socrates. Socrates begins to explain to the young man that success in sports is not only talent, not just training, it is necessary and internally to prepare yourself, and only then do eminent champions appear.

Dan is sarcastic about the words of Socrates, but after the tragedy, he realizes that only the teaching of a strange mentor can save him. Dan begins his journey of a peaceful warrior.

“Peaceful Warrior” is the name that fully justifies itself. This is a picture of the struggle. Internal struggle. On the fight against himself, with his illusions, with his own stupidity and arrogance.

And Dan Millman, who broke his dreams of an ideal for millions of fragments, eventually managed to win over himself, to force himself to go further, doing his favorite thing, and most importantly— to appreciate the moment. After all, it’s not the goal that matters, but how you go to it, “adventure”.

The path is happiness, not the goal

In this film, there are a lot of important ideas that resonated with me and I guess teaching same ideas as yoga does, remind me about simple things what make huge difference.

Simple things like breathing properly and being at the present moment. How often we breath with full capacity of our lungs and how often we think about what was 5 minutes ago or what will happen tomorrow instead of being right now. Simple things, but some of them we all probably forgot…

For example, about the fact that we need to appreciate every moment of our life, because “there are no ordinary moments, something always happens”. And this is true.

The main thing is not to stop paying attention to this and learn to rejoice and be surprised at what happens. Like children. We can learn a lot from children.

In life is only 3 rules:

  1. Paradox — life is a mystery. Do not waste the time trying to comprehend it.
  2. Humor — keep a sense of humor, especially to yourself, it is unlimited power.
  3. Changes — remember nothing remains the same

Another idea is that “a warrior does not leave what he loved: he finds love in what he does”.

The main character Dan realized that the main thing is not the gold medal that he wants. But most important are those gymnastic rings, on which he likes to fulfill his structural elements. The main is journey, not the result.

Life Is A Choice

Life is a choice. You can choose to be a victim or whatever you want to be”.

Also so simple and so informative quote. In our world, nothing is impossible, there is only a lack of desire.

Each of us has goals and aspirations to which we are going, but we so often are afraid of failures, we are afraid of what our loved ones, family and friends will think about us.

Often even our “goals” are imposed on us by what others consider to be the best and right for us. We need to stop looking for answers elsewhere and start to listen to what’s inside. Do what you like and do not care what others think.

“Everybody says what to do and what’s good for you. They do not want you to look for answers to your questions themselves, they want you to believe their answers”.

Do not forget that it is impossible to know yourself if you are not being kind to other people, being patient and sympathetic even if these people bring you troubles and sorrows: “People who are hard to love just need love the most”.

Another lesson in the book is the idea that everyday life provides spiritual lifting of weight, which strengthens our moods as we climb the mountain path. In other words, the path itself creates a warrior.

Tools Are There

As already mentioned, the film teaches. It inspires. Like yoga, it reminds us of the value of each moment, the need to look for answers within ourselves, about humanity and kindness towards others, about the ability to slow down and observe the life that is around. It inspires you to find strength and change. Learn to appreciate the very “here and now.” Learn to live the present, because that’s all we have.

For many years I have been convinced that non-religious spiritual thought and experience could be something to drive the world in new direction. This movie provides an example of what life can be like if we ponder these thoughts and implement them in our everyday lives in very practical way. It’s not necessary to be a champion gymnast to derive the fundamental teaching ideas from this movie. Those ideas everyone can understand and use.

That is why I think that The Peaceful Warrior can inspire those who want to change the world into the better place, starting by changing yourself into better person.