a yoga class on Kits Beach in Vancouver

There is a uniquely different vibe with doing yoga teacher training (YTT) in Vancouver versus doing yoga teacher training in other parts of Canada; as well as other parts of the world. 

Capital Of Yoga

Vancouver is the yoga capital of Canada. This is because more people on a per-capita basis practice yoga in Vancouver than any other place in Canada. So  what better of a place to do a yoga teacher training. Below  is a list of the best yoga teacher training or RYT 200 programs in Vancouver.

YYoga: Yoga Teacher Training Programs

It should be no surprise that Lululemon and YYoga both started in Vancouver. Started in 2009, it was a precursor business to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

YYoga caters to higher-end students, its tuition is comparable to other programs in Vancouver.  YYogas studio space and teachers are fairly good and should not be underestimated as being a good choice to the other local competitors in this list. 

The only issue with YYoga is that it only offers its 200 hour yoga training infrequently in Vancouver and many local locations have closed due to Covid. For more info https://yyoga.ca

Semperviva: Yoga Teacher Training Programs

At one point the 200 hour program offered by Semperviva was one of the cornerstones in Vancouver. At one point it had four locations and was offering a fairly affordable yoga teacher training at several locations in the city; specifically in Kits  and Westside part of Vancouver. 

Due to the Covid pandemic that started in March, 2020 it subsequently closed all its studios permanently.

yoga class outside at the Vancouver Convention Center

Langara College: Yoga Teacher Training Programs

If you were interested in receiving college credit for taking a ytt you would have been interested in the Langara yoga training programs. Even though it was really expensive and ran for over a year. 

It, like Sempervivia above, in January 2021-  due to the Covid pandemic – stopped all its yoga programs.

Karma Teacher: Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Karma Teachers started in 2015 and was an expression of affecting Karma Yoga (i.e giving without reward in a nutshell) in Vancouver. 

Specifically it was started with helping people with drug addictions and other social issues that were happening in the low income Hastings area of Vancouver

The program is just as expensive as any of the other 200 hour programs in Vancouver, but it also has partial scholarships based on Sweat Equity where tuition can be lessened up to half the normal amount. However these partial scholarships are few and hard to get. For more info see www.karmateachers.org


Vancouver School of Healing Arts: Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Formerly the Vancouver School of Massage Therapy is now the Vancouver School of Healing Arts. Using the same spaces as VSMT  used in Gastown. 

On par with YYoga with regards to the spaces that it uses and for its professionalism. However it’s one of the more expensive 200 hour yoga teacher trainings in Vancouver. Also its is not offered on a regular basis. For more info see www.vsoha.com

Karma Yoga: Yoga Teacher Training Programs

It could be seen as being somewhat biased, but we feel we can be objective based on our reviews above and for the fact that we’re saving ourselves for the end.

We offer without doubt the most affordable yoga training in Vancouver, as well as other places across Canada. Our  programs are offered with people who work or have busy lives in mind by offering one week and weekends specific options. From more info see www.karmayoga.ca

In End

From the last above, some are more affordable than others and some offered less frequently. 

In the end, everyone has their own unique situations, jobs, families, children and so everyone will have to find the best program above that suits their particular lifestyle and responsibilities.