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Is yoga teacher training worth it?

When you’re about to spend thousands of dollars on a yoga teacher training (ytt); it’s an obvious question: can anyone do a ytt? So here is our opinion on this question.

If you have your own yoga practice, then yes!

It’s not always the case, but you should have your own yoga practice before coming into yoga teacher training. That at least gives you an idea of the benefits of what yoga training will do for you. Plus it already makes you aware of the poses and breathwork.

These topics will be expanded on a yoga teacher training. Having said that there are people who are naturally suited to becoming yoga teachers. So having your own practice isn’t always a stern rule for everybody. 

Many think  yoga trainings are like classroom training, but ytt rely much more on feelings, so arriving with expectations of getting certain marks or that it will lead to a golden jobs as a yoga teacher, should be discouraged.

Instead one should come into a ytt  with a very open mind, with the idea of perhaps teaching; but not necessarily.  As your end path may still be unknown even once you have completed the ytt.

You are open to learning more about yoga

If you’re going to do a yoga teacher training, you have to make the commitment to take it on as a full-time commitment. Even if this means you’re only taking a  ytt on  the weekends.

When you’re there, you should be fully present. The more you commit to it, the more you will get out of it. Only doing that will you be able to reach the level of expertise that you will need to become an exceptional yoga teacher.

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Yoga styles

We offer ytts across Canada Vancouver, Victoria , Kamloops, Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Regina, SaskatoonWinnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, St Johns, and Yoga essentially is yoga with all styles trying to achieve the same thing, which is the mind-body connection and the connection with God.

But as you do a ytt, you will come across different styles you are interested in. This is where the open-mindedness when taking a 200 hour ytt helps the most. As it allows you to feel what styles of yoga resonate the most with you.

In the end, taking a yoga teacher training is a big investment and one you should do your research on before investing and spending the time to undertake it. 

So can everyone do a yoga teacher training? No. You need to be open to learning, have least a reasonable desire to become a yoga teacher and most importantly are willing to put the time in.