Common Experience

A lot of people who have taken a yoga teacher training program through the world find them to be too expensive and not really something that prepares one to teach yoga.

The Problems

When the Yoga  Alliance was started in 1998, it was an attempt to fill the the power gap in the yoga industry. The Alliance is a registration, not a certification body, and with that it simply sets a simple standards that a yoga school much teach to in turn allow individual to register with the body.

Once you register  you keep track of your own teaching hours –  on the the honor system – and as you reach a set number of hours and so much time has gone by, puts  one in a position to become an experienced yoga teacher and with that one is able to open up their own  yoga school.

The main problem for most people is that the 200 hours – or actually wondered 180 hours – is not enough time to training to become a yoga teacher.  That is to really understand the philosophies and other  subjects covered in yoga teacher training.

The next biggest complaint is, most programs don’t demand, that students do a set number hours of experience in teaching yoga before they graduate.

The third thing that most people who have taken a yoga teacher training program is that the programs are too expensive. Programs range anywhere from $3000 up to $11000 dollars as Bikram’s charges to take there now controversial program in Los Angeles.   And there is little degree to know which ones are better than the other.

students listening in yoga teacher training
Students listening in a yoga teacher training program

Lastly, the problem with modern yoga teacher training programs is that they don’t really help you gain a job once you’ve paid for the program.

So in the end, there a lot of reasons that taking program is  beneficial but don’t expect to be ready to when graduate to teach yoga that is just going to come with experience.  

In The End

Yoga Training programs will need to transform over the next 5 to 10 years if the quality of yoga teachers are  to be improve.