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At $1,695, our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is the most affordable, high quality RYT200 yoga teacher training program available in Victoria!

Not only does this program follow the highest standards (RYT200), it also includes:

  • Free PDF versions of the program books
  • Payment options
  • Free mentorship
  • Practical teaching experience with employment opportunities
  • 30% discounted all future programs with us, and
  • Scholarship opportunities for every program we offer.

The program offers more in-class hours than any program around, with 250 hours in total!

Deepen your own practice and learn how to safely teach Hatha/Flow yoga to beginner students. At over 250-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification program is a comprehensive experience designed to exceed the requirements from the Yoga Alliance.

This course is designed to be a hands-on learning experience, with practical applications of student-centered teaching techniques. We believe that adults learn most effectively through personal experience. You can register with the Yoga Alliance after graduation as RYT-200.

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Program Curriculum Outline

Anatomy and Physiology (20 hours): 

  • Bodily systems, organs and tissues
  • Discoveries of energy science
  • Movement patterns and the yogic advantage
  • Application of principles to special conditions

Teaching Methods and Techniques (80 hours):             

  • Asana/posture analysis
  • Guided Meditation and Visualization
  • Deep Relaxation
  • The Natural Breath

Yogic Philosophy (30 hours):    

  • The history of Yoga
  • The sacred yogic text
  • The living of yoga  

The business of yoga (10 hours):  

  • Ethics, privacy and the role of the yoga teacher
  • Yoga Business Development
  • Studio Ownership Opportunities

Teaching practicum (25 hours):

  • Peer teaching
  • In class teaching
  • Independent teaching 

Self-directed study and reflection (20 hours):

  • Focus on a field of study of your choosing

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"The yoga teacher training is informative, fun, and a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about yoga as a whole, and my own personal practice."  A. Benacquista,  Apr. 2017

"My experience with Karma Yoga Teacher Training has been very uplifting and made me feel more confident to be able to teach yoga. I learned a lot about asanas and their benefits as well as the history of Yoga...I feel very happy that I chose Karma Yoga for my teacher training and I can't wait to teach more in the future"  L. Alcaraz-Sehn, Dec. 2016

"Karma Yoga is such a loving environment. The studio is warm and cozy and the teachers are great! The yoga teacher training was awesome, I learned so much!" M. McQuaid, Nov. 2016

"The yoga teacher training program was a perfect balance of fun and quality teaching. Just loved the program" R. Scott, Aug. 2016

"Their yoga teacher training program was great; it covered the basics of teaching yoga with the added component of forcing (all the students in the program) us to find our true real reasons of why we wanted to be yoga teachers. I feel that was the most import thing I learned from the program and it changed my life!" A. Boyle,  Aug. 2016



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How To Apply

  1. Fill out an application for free (applications take about 24 hours to process). Limited spaces. Apply Now
  2. Once your application is approved, pay the $500  deposit to hold your spot for the program you applied to.
  3. Select how want to pay the difference.


 Oct.  9-Nov. 10, 2017 

Duration: 5 weeks 
Location: Victoria, B.C.
Tuition: $1,695.00 (Save $300 paying in full by Sept 1)
Deposit: a $500.00 deposit is required to hold your spot. 
Times: M- F 5pm-11pm

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What Is Included With The Tuition?
We give you a Yoga Teacher Training Manual – readings and assignments for the 200-Hour curriculum (given to you on the first day of class). Tuition also includes: mentorship, practical teaching experience with employment opportunities, a 30% discount on all future programs with us and unlimited yoga classes while in the program.
Are Your Programs Certified?
After graduating from our 200-hour program, you will be able to effectively and creatively teach hatha, flow, vinyasa, and power classes for all levels. After graduating from our 200-hour program, you will also be able to register with the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance is the main governing yoga body globally.
How Proficient In Yoga Do You Have To Be To Do The Program?
We ask that all students have a minimum of one year of practice. Students should have a general level of knowledge regarding asana (physical practice) including sun salutations and basic postures. A regular meditation practice is an asset but not required.
How Many Students Are Enrolled In Each Yoga Teacher Training Program?
The class size is usually under 12 students, we do this to allow each student more one on one time with the leads.
Do You Offer Scholarships?
We offer a partial scholarship to deserving candidates for every program we run. Go to our scholarships page for more information.
Do You Offer Payment Options?

Payment options are available after the $300 deposit is paid.

How Is Our Teacher Training Program Different Than Other Teacher Training Program Offered?
One of the biggest complaints about most yoga teacher training programs is that there is not enough practical experience; aside from offering very affordable programs - with added values like included mentorship and scholarships for every program we run - our programs are an equal balance of theory and practice.  To graduate from any of our programs, each student must complete a set number of Karma Hours (practical hours) through one of our  community yoga programs.