Ever wonder what a yoga teacher training program is like, well ready on!

First Part Of Day

Usually you always start the program at the beginning of the day by doing a yoga class with the other students. This not only prepares students for learning for the day, but it also gets you involved in doing yoga at least once a day.

Then, usually there are presentations after the first class and then followed by a class.

Yoga Teacher Training ClassAfternoon

In the afternoon, student break into small groups to discuss that day’s topics and then finally, do a class together at the end again and then go.

Length Of Programs

Programs can run once a day a month for over a year to 1 month  intense program  – offered in  exciting locations sometimes – that students meet each day of the week for a few weeks. The latter  – for some – is a better experience  as it allow more much more immersed experienced

Learning Philosophies

Most will follow the 8 steps to enlightenment outlined in the Yoga Sutra. The first part of these 8 stages is the philosophies: which is the yamas and niyamas. They are  the personal rules and then the social rules that one must go through before they can start on the other paths of enlightenment.

girl yoga teacher training
A girl in a yoga teacher training program!
Anatomy and Poses

Halfway through the course, you will begin to learn anatomy and physiology, as well as the different poses: how to adjust and do variations with them as well as how to use props.

At this point, students will begin to observe classes, teach a closing or opening part of a yoga class, or perhaps even pair a class with another student or one of the leads in the program (i.e co- teaching).

All this eventually leads to each student preparing their own class sequence. Which you then in turn at the end of the course teach as their certification class. This is based on a pass or fail basis, almost no one fails unless it’s terrible.

Most of all, you will grow close to your class – your cula (family) – as you are discussing the essence of ‘being’ with other human beings!

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