Looking a yoga manual in a yoga teacher trianing classWhere It Began

My love for yoga – and journey to becoming a yoga teacher via yoga teacher training – did not  start the first time I took a yoga class. For me, yoga was something that came to by accident when I went to a late night yoga class 10 years ago with a girlfriend. For the entire class, I spent talking to my girlfriend who kept  shushing me to be quiet.

After class was over in my own mind I thought that it was one of the gayest things I had ever done and wood not go back. I didn’t get it, didn’t understand it and didn’t really care. Yoga teacher training was a millions miles for my reality! My way of looking at the world was one that suited me and from that point on I didn’t do go for another couple years.

The Next Step

Eventually I broke up with that girlfriend and with another, I tried yoga again! It was then after doing yoga a few more times that I began to really feel the benefits and “bliss” of doing yoga.

Over the years I would continue to come back to yoga to help me deal with my life anxieties, pains and losses – that we all experience.

The Final Step

At some point about 10 years ago I realized yoga could help me fix a lot of my issues. So I got a full unlimited yoga passes and was going to yoga 2 to 3 times a day. Yoga teacher training began around this time.

To some extent I was overly doing yoga! But I  was enjoying the physical and aesthetics of how it made me look and feel. And that was enough for me!

Then in 2010, I eventually decided I wanted to become a yoga teacher and do a yoga teacher training program! That was something that came about after spending four years in different businesses that didn’t work out. Then on one wintry  December night, around Christmas, in 2013 with my dad at a Starbucks I began to tell him how I thought of opening a yoga studio and of becoming a yoga teacher – both I was truly passion for.

Long story short, now almost 15 years later, I have a yoga studio and am teaching others to become yoga teachers!  I’m so happy I made the decision to follow this  passion, as it never feels like a job and when things are difficult and there’s lots of work to do; you do it because you’re falling you your Dharma and never feels like a job.