Defining The Soul

As I first attempted to explain the soul in my first yoga teacher training, I noticed that I was writing in circles, touching upon  what the soul was but unable to give any concrete definition. 

In the Total Transformation Talk  by Yogeesh Ashram, “How do you explain the soul?”, it is repeated that defining the soul is  impossible; it is unexplainable, it can only be experienced. When experienced, I can best  describe the soul as, serenity and a high vibrational love energy. 

Egos Part

Home and board Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro  Greece, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Buenos Aires, Dallas, MiamiNew York, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Tel Aviv, the soul is experienced by stripping away one’s ego, looking past one’s physical form, and  examining what remains. 

Ones ego is shaped by our judgment of the world. Each experience,  whether it is a hardship or a joyful experience; viewed as positive or negative, adds another  lens with which one views the world. 


Our soul is the part of us separate from these lenses,  allowing us to see the world and oneself as it is; neither good nor bad, that all has its place and  purpose. 

As stated above, these lenses are formed from our judgments. Judgments of past  expectations unfulfilled or future expectations yet to be filled. Therefore, to experience the  soul you must be in the present moment.  


The healing energy used in Reiki is often referred to as “universal” or “love energy”. It can be  found within all of us and is accessible to any one of us once realized. 

It is this Universal love  energy that I believe to be what the soul is. The soul is that love and serenity, attainable  conceivably at any moment, when we are able to see the world through ego-less eyes. Past  circumstances that used to baffle do not anymore. 


One understands that they are, but a piece  of this interconnected puzzle called life and that all events have their place, all people have  their place, therefore none are good or bad, they just are. 

Future expectations melt away as  one understands that none of that exists, only the present moment matters, fear does not  exist, only love, gratitude, and knowing. 

A deep sense that one is exactly where one is meant to  be in this web of life, that each person is the same and connected at the soul level.  


Through repeated connection in the present moment with oneself, one will experience the  soul. The soul is able to see the soul of another. It is love energy. It is the part of us untouched  by drama and trauma. 

Untouched from societal views or views passed down to us from our  teachers or parents. It is responding to the present moment. Responses are not based on past  experiences or future expectations. 

By living in the present moment, the soul is able to seize opportunities, to see only solutions to what might otherwise be perceived as problems, to live  authentically. Not needing to prove anything to anyone or anything, including oneself. 

To  experience the soul, we can do yoga or a yoga teacher training, and one must lead their life connected to oneself,  and one moment at a time. 

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