Yoga is practiced all over Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or MontrealSt John’s. Yoga is  a sense of being, a peaceful outlook of being unique, a way of breathing, relaxation and feeling at ease. 

To me, yoga is something both spiritual and full of positivity within your mind and soul. Yoga is any form of action which we decide upon within ones self and sight of the world. 

Yoga is about in the moment, focusing on ourselves, our mind and listening to our bodies as we flow. Yoga is forming a relationship and connection within ourselves and listening to what we need and want. 

Makes Us

By taking a yoga teacher training or just practicing yoga, can make every individual feel a specific way which is enlightening how we could be doing the same pose but all feeling a different way while doing so. 

Yoga is special and different for everyone, to me, yoga is more than a physical activity but also a way to express our emotions and soul

Yoga isn’t always about becoming flexible and stronger, but to create a bigger outlook on the world and peace. Yoga is a practice of mental, physical and spiritual aspects. 

Yoga is about expressing ourselves in our own ways and letting our bodies take action. Yoga is about focusing on ourselves and believing yoga is like a community, becoming a whole and disregarding other worries in our life. 

Yoga can mean so many things but to me its all about enlightenment, discovering my connection within myself, and the strong connections I never knew I had. 


Allowing ourselves to give attention to areas that need our healing and focus. It’s about grounding our bodies to become clear about ourselves and see the light of who we are. 

Having  enlightenment doing yoga has me feel guided towards new beginnings, a light at the end of the tunnel, clear and new aspects of life outside our worries. 

Yoga has me take away my stress in the moment, believe in myself, and understand the true connection towards myself and others around me. Yoga makes me feel thankful for all the amazing things in my life and to not worry about the little things that tare me down. 


Yoga to me is so much more than moving my body, it’s more about finding my bodies needs and connections to express and flow within the movements. 

Yoga is about understanding why we feel the way we will and how to achieve it in the best possible ways. 


Yoga is the state of mind and consciousness about ending differences and finding ways for better outlooks on things. Freedom and energy coming from inside our souls and minds and bringing it out through our breathing and movements. 

Yoga isn’t about getting rid of depression and dark spaces within ourselves, it’s about finding those places, understanding them, and letting them free. This is what the power of yoga means to me.