Living in Canada, Vancouver I am like everyone else in this world; we live in a world where it can be trying to find time for ourselves, and where day-to-day life can be filled with judgement.   Today’s world makes it very tough to be in the public eye, as social media has a way of turning things to a negative aspect more often than positive.   

 This is where enlightenment can conquer.  Having the acceptance in who you are and your beliefs.  Being able to take time to enjoy the little things that mean so much; the smell of fresh cut grass, the beauty of a field full of sunflowers, the leaves changing during the autumn months with beautiful orange and reds.   


I was always the person who never felt quite sure of myself, and very seldom spent time for me.  Yoga has helped with enlightenment to improve my self awareness, along with helping me slow down to enjoy smells, sites, tastes and sounds.  It helps me feel happy and content while spending more time with friends and family who are most important to me.   

I recently heard a song called ‘Just be you’ by Anthem Lights featuring Sadie Robertson.  There are the following lines in the song which really touched me.


So face your fears and chase your dreams And dance like no one’s watching 

 Having the strength to work through and find your happiness, and then to share it.  To me, this is enlightenment. I believe that it takes work and sacrifice to find your truth.  Sometimes on my mat while being in a pose and turning to my breath, I make one small adjustment such as opening the heart a little further, and the feeling of enlightenment surrounds me.  These small adjustments added something more that may have been missing, to now make it feel complete. 

vancouver yoga
Doing yoga in Vancouver


Enlightenment also affects the relationships in which you have, and how you treat others. Living in Vancouver, this can be hard. I find myself wanting to help people who may be having a rough go.  Being there to listen, enjoying a cup of tea or a nice walk together. More so when I am in a positive place, as it feels like you want to spread it around to others.   

In End

I feel that our life is like a journey, which we have some control over where this journey will take us.  Whether we are moving in that positive direction of contentment and tranquility, and the steps that we can take to reach the destination.