Yoga has over 5000 years of history and it has been used through the centuries to support physical and mental health, so it is physical practice as well as mental training systems. 

Yoga’s original intention is to cultivate self-regulation. Yoga offers tools, such as mindful breath work, physical exercise and deep relaxation techniques that control your mind. These skills help release stress and build energy and resilience and mental grounding. 


Regardless of where in Canada you reside or call home – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal,  St John’s, from my own experience, yoga helped me to re-connect to myself and it allowed me to open my heart again and be a me at my best. 

Taking a yoga teacher training, I gained better self-control and became a happier person. Whether I like or not, I can now accept myself without judgment or attachment. And I can live in the present moment and be centered, grounded, and focus on my tasks. 

I learned that yoga teaches simple techniques such as simple breath work, meditation, and soft body movement, but it can change your life if you practice a lot. 

Yoga is a big part of my life, and it is my life tool for self-care. It helps me have a better sleep, improve my day, and my attitude. It also improved my physical strength and mobility. 


People are living with lots of stress. You may not notice your own anxiety and depression, but a lot of people take stress home and it effects a lot of us. I believe that yoga can enhance your self- awareness, self-control, and mindful response. 

Yoga also works for processing stress, physical strength, increasing mobility to prevent accident/injury and faster recovery. 

Yoga can improve the ability to perform well under pressure. Yoga helps me manage life a unique way by making a better decision. Yoga allows me to connect with my heart and helps me to be the type of person that I want to be. 


Everyone is always finding a peace of mind, and they want to be happy. Yoga can help keep a positive mind. 

It is hard to avoid living with no stress and anxiety. I feel that stress is coming from a disconnect from yourself and not managing yourself well. People are always struggling to find freedom from the darkness and negativity but stuck there as they do not know how to manage. 

Yoga practice can center and ground yourself and help to see yourself more clearly. I believe that re-connecting yourself through yoga practice is a path to live better. 

With Yoga’s physical practice, you can appreciate your body, honor for what you have and accept yourself which leads living positive. 

In The End

Yoga to me is always changing and evolving. My thoughts on yoga has changed from when I first began practicing 5 years ago, to my thoughts on yoga now and where it will take me. 

The one feeling that is constant is gratitude, as is clears and refreshes me after the completion of each practice.