What Is It

Enlightenment simply said is just a deep basic trust in yourself and your life.   It uncovers our original nature that has always been there. Enlightenment is coming home to our deepest truths, and aspirations. It’s a gift and remains a mystery until we receive it and our hearts are open and do not close.  

There is selflessness and a state of bliss.  Regardless of where live be it Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton or Berlin, an enlightened individual has worked through their own wounds and are said to live a life within the spirit of acceptance. We stop seeking, let go and experience who we really are. It is infinite energy and freedom, a state of consciousness and compassion. 


It took awhile for me to sit down and write this assignment. I have been thinking about it for weeks. I watched the video twice: Enlighten Up. The first time I was disappointed that Nick didn’t embrace a yoga practice after his journey with Kate. It was an experiment to take a non yoga and put through a life yoga teacher training (YTT).

Like a Hollywood Movie, I could envision the ending and it wasn’t the one I wanted. lol. But after thinking about it and watching it a second time I realized the incredible messaging of Nick’s enlightenment from his journey and discussions with different yoga gurus along the way in India

The explained difference between yoga of the west and the traditional yoga of the east. The physical wellness that supports a spiritual journey and the spiritual journey itself. 

Like Nick and Kate I found the approach and explanations of Norman Alan who brought Ashtanga yoga to the USA and BKS Iyengar “Lion of Pune” eye opening. The video also speaks about Bhakti Yoga being the real yoga in India, no asanas, just a real love for god. 


Once you reach enlightenment your consciousness is raised and you are more aware of god. As I, Nick isn’t a religious person, but was open to the spiritual journey. Nick, like Paul Brunton, the author of “A search in Secret India” wanted an evidence-based practice. He wanted to experience it and feel the truth of enlightenment.  


As mentioned in the video, Asanas are in preparation for something bigger. As well we need to surround ourselves with like-minded people that stimulate the desire and we need to be devoted to the practice. 

At the end of the video during the last interview with Nick, he says that perhaps his yoga experiment failed. I thought that at first as well until I looked deeper. Nick not only found the answers that he was looking for. He found more. His relationship with his family seemed to be strained for many years. 


He speaks of his father as a hard skeptic and his mom as loving & whimsical. There didn’t appear to be a great deal of compassion. It almost seemed like he was staying away from them by living as a journalist in New York City. 

When Nick decided to leave India early it was due to a breakdown moment in yoga. It was like an identity crisis given over to the practice. The healing nature of India reminded him of his mother. He was being more reflective and realizing the value of the relationship with his family. 

In actual fact his journey provided the physical benefits of yoga, strength and physical well being as well as enlightenment. The message was very subtle. Nick didn’t continue a yoga practice, but moved to Boulder Colorado, closer to his mother and started to writing rock climbing documentaries.  

Enlightenment is a by-product of staying in the present, in a constant state. Not looking at the past and its stories and future and its mystery. Shattering of the sense of a separate self, unity, a radical freedom available only to a few who are ready to give up everything and surrender the ego to pure awareness.  

 In End

You must grow from the inside out. None can teach you: none can make you spiritual  In life it is the only way.