lady in the woods mediating for enlightenmentWe Are Already Enlightened!

It is a moment that changes your life, a shift of positive waves washing over you like water. It changes your whole aspect of the world. 

Wherever  you live –VancouverCalgaryEdmontonSaskatoonReginaWinnipegOttawaTorontoHamiltonHalifax or Montreal,  St John’s – enlightenment  means different things to many people, there is no set definition.

To me the closest thing to enlightenment I’ve come to is having my children, there was a shift in perspective on my values, how I wanted my kids to be raised and taught, how I wanted them to love with all there heart, because their mom loves them with all her heart. 


For other people it might be a car accident, or a illness or even having your heart broken. When you become enlightened you’re a different person you become more open to love to honesty to forgiveness, to the people who always get on your nerves. 

You start to understand that everyone just wants to feel like there apart of something great and meaningful, and we are all just looking to be accepted.

Becoming enlightened is about finding your true purpose in life, you know who your supposed to be and you aren’t afraid to be yourself.


Today with everyone living in the fast lane we forget about prayer about breathing and about true  living, we become robots with only money on the mind. 

We have to take that step in our society so we somehow can teach at least one person how to achieve or start learning to slow down and live in the moment, and not be afraid to clear our mind and think of nothing. We cannot look to our future without living in the moment first. 

How would we be if we only loved our lives the way it is instead of always seeking more. The mountains the animals the water will all fade away with out looking at them, we as guardians of this world need to get back to our roots and fill that void most are missing. 

enlightenment happening in a mindAble

Are we going to be able to teach them that there is nothing missing, that they are the missing piece, and once we all find our souls we can become indestructible , we become one in our mind, body, and soul, and then as a human being. We need to become enlightened as a whole.

Becoming enlightened doesn’t happen over night, it happens gradually as you become more honest with yourself about the person you want to be.  To can speed up the process by doing a yoga teacher training.

Its about getting healthy not just on the outside but on the inside in our mind. It’s about having health relationships with others and oneself. 


To learn we cannot control others but we are only responsible for us and our children. 

We all start from somewhere in reality, for me I was brought up learning my spiritual traditions and I’ve gone through some pretty messed up shit, I hated the person I was I hated my body I had horrible thinking patterns, I wasn’t nice  to myself. 

It wasn’t till I had my children where my body really changed, I really had to take a step back and think about how I was going to heal it.  


I had to heal myself the only way I new how, through  yoga, through affirmations, though acceptance, through self love themes, through trusting in who you are themes, they made me dig deep and  love myself and all the flaws Creator has given me. 

That is why I think I can become a role model for someone seeking a more higher state of consciousness, a more loving life and a more fulfilling  life. Because you can only become enlightened after you’ve learned to love yourself and the people around you.