What Is Enlightenment?

Simply put, from an anatomy and physiological sense,  enlightenment is using the higher portion of our brain. This is the part which gives us the ability to be conscious of us being  conscious.

From a philosophical point of view, it is a feeling  where you get you. Plus  you get what your purpose in life is. And you get that you are simply here to help others.

How To Get Enlightened!

Well there’s a lot of ways to get to enlightened. For some simply being born with certain conditions or having tragedy happened to them early on in theirs life is enough! People like these  have no choice but to keep their eye on what is real, they do so out of necessity! Others seek it out, as they get older!

People knowingly or not, when tragedy happens, find ways to calm their minds and in turn their bodies!

People will  do this through denial, sometimes people do that with distractions, alcohol or sex. And some will chose to work out: run, lift weights, etc.  And of this group a  few will meditate and some will even gravitate to the alternative practices like yoga, tai chi, etc.

They Actual Work

These sorts of things help the body to actually overcome tragedy. And  the people who do these activities begin the path to true enlightenment.

For those who  find it too difficult to sit, and be quiet with themselves; their area others ways to enlightenment. This can be achieved through volunteering, karma yoga or kirtan. It’s the actual doing, which leads to the truth of who we all are: we are all here to inspire each other and to treat each other with highest degree of love.

It is  a realization  that we begin to see in everyone we meet in this life, that we all want  happiness, to be loved and accepted!

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