Christmas & Enlightenment: Difference

What I’ve gained in understanding throughout my life by different books, teachers (in the yoga teacher training program I took), and this  video, enlightenment is a journey that can take a lifetime to try and understand. 

Wherever  you live –Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or MontrealSt John’senlightenment  is  something I have heard used passively by others, that they have become enlightened by someone  or after experiencing something. 


After watching the video ‘Enlightened Up’, it was said by one  of the gurus that there is no way you are going to reach enlightenment in the short time Nick was  chosen to search for it.

How It Works

I don’t think that is how it works,  you can’t force someone to become enlightened, especially someone with such skepticism, or  who doesn’t necessarily care to change. 

lady meditating for enlightenmentI feel they have to want it, you have to be open to it, you  have to be aligned with the universe, in order to keep walking down the path of enlightenment. 

Though for some such as myself we may have a moment of enlightenment, or I like to call a  moment of clarity, which can be pivotal in our lives, that if we are open to the signs whether that  be from a higher power/Source/God, we can use this to our advantage to change our outlook and  our lives. 

Sometimes we need these moments to be able to bring ourselves out of darkness, to  point us in the direction that we may so desperately have been searching for. 

That is the  beginning, if we remain open to this higher power/Source/alignment with the all-knowing universe, we are on that path towards enlightenment. 


Enlightenment, I believe takes work, it isn’t something that once you got it you have it  forever.  It is something you have to constantly be working towards, something we have to  always stay on top of, learning how to grow closer to the divine, bliss, peace and serenity. 

It is something I feel we can lose if we are not careful to stay on the path, especially if we happen to  be someone who comes out of struggle, mental unwellness, trauma, and or addiction.

It is  something I know I am able to gain if I stay on the path and is something I can easily lose, in my  case that would be if I were to start drinking again, alcohol shuts me out from my spirituality, my  soul, my intuition, my goals, dreams ambitions and the things that matter to me most, it cuts me  off from my source, and then I have no direction or it is confused, I am disillusioned and my  spirit is asleep. 

In order for the world to be a better place, I feel the  world needs to become enlightened. 

In The End

Yoga, Religion, Spirituality, Art, Music, Knowledge, Poetry  has done this for many people, I like to think the world is slowly starting to wake up, but I know  we still have so much further to go. 

Enlightenment is the key, this can bring peace to the earth, it  has brought peace to me, I want to stay connected and awake so I can be aligned with the greater  Source and strive to find and be my highest self, all the while in attempts to make this world a  better place.