I believe soul to be your being, your truth and your beliefs.  Every emotion that makes up your being; sadness, anger, frustration and pure bliss!  Without the soul, we are not connected?  


Take a tree for example, is the trunk the soul, the base and foundation?  With the branches and leaves extending out with personality and emotion.  

This transfers to the human body with the Solar Plexus Chakra of purpose, power and wisdom which then leads to our beliefs and sense of being.  Family and the people around you also reflect on your soul. Therefore, we choose to spend more time with the people who make us happy and at peace.  


Having traveled across Canada – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal –   seeking happiness and truth, I have come to realize  our journey – which we become aware of doing yoga and yoga teacher training – through life is not based on location  but what goes on in ourselves. Through our journey, we can sometimes hit a bump in the road which leads to feeling stuck.  

Some people choose to stop and reflect, and possibly cleanse the soul.  Some simple steps that can be taken include, eating a healthy diet and hydrating yourself, meditation and exercise, decluttering your surroundings and doing something that you enjoy such as a walk in the park or spending time with a good friend.  


As I sit here writing this, the radio is on in the background.  I stopped for a few minutes to enjoy my hot cup of coffee, and really listen to the lyrics of a song by Keith Urban; We Were.  

Funny how it relates to my personal thoughts on soul, as the lyrics refer to memories and looking back to who you may have been in the past and growing up.  What are the things that you miss the most, and would go back to experience again, the people that you miss having in your life?    


Another way of looking at the soul is there is no one definition or explanation.  Simply the connection with your own being and self.  As if you are searching for something that already lies within the body.  I really enjoyed the video and watched it several times.  

The message from the video leaves you with many thoughts and a different outlook, each time you watch the video, depending on your state of mind that particular day.  I feel that it would be good to come back to this video every few months as a reminder to look within yourself and enjoy your journey.  

When you hear ‘I love you with every bit of my soul,’ I believe that the love is with every part of their being that lies within.