students in a yoga class

The Pros & Cons Of Being A Yoga Teacher

Being a yoga teacher is a great job, but it’s not all roses. There are drawbacks so here are the pros and cons of being a yoga teacher.


It’s A Wickedly Human Job

Aside  to counselling or nursing, there are very few jobs that allow one to use their humanity so much. Being a yoga teacher one can have a powerful effect on their students. 

But this is a symbiotic relationship, in that you get to connect with others on a very human/soul level and this can give a yoga teacher great meaning in their lives.

 It’s A Ticket To Travel

Literally if you complete a certified yoga teacher training program, it really is a ticket to travel. Covid has changed yoga quite a bit in that yoga studios have closed; but this will not deter the exponential growth of yoga worldwide.

The world is reaching a crisis with regards to demands and stress on individuals and yoga helps people to manage these demands and stress holistically.

Yoga grows as the world is able to take care of its basic needs, so people have more time to invest towards spiritual ends.

students in a yoga class


Physically Demanding

If yoga is not going to be your full-time gig; then it shouldn’t be an issue teaching 1, 2, 3 or even 4 classes a week back to back; most people should be fine. 

Having said that, one of the biggest issues teaching yoga is one needs to teach many classes to make a living. Most yoga teachers are teaching anywhere between 10 to 15 classes a week. That works out  to two or three classes a day; which works out to be upwards of 5 hours of yoga a day.

This is a lot of yoga and a lot of physical demand on the body. And even though yoga teachers are usually just putting students in and out of poses, it is still very physically demanding. So the physical aspects of making a living as a yoga teacher is something to seriously consider.

You Will Not Get Rich

Adding to the above point, making a living as a yoga teacher is something that many yoga teachers struggle with. Yoga teachers are paid anywhere between $20 to $40 an hour. If one is teaching 10 classes a week that works out to $400 a week or $1600 more dollars a month, which really is the poverty level. 

To make a livable wage as a yoga teacher, one will always have to teach up to 10 classes a week and this will only decrease as one gets a better reputation as a yoga teacher and is paid more hourly. 

yoga meditating in a yoga class

In The End

Personally,  I think there are many more pros being a yoga teacher then there are cons. But one should seriously consider that one will have to be physically ready to take on the physical demands of teaching yoga and be prepared to make a living wage only as a yoga teacher.