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3 Top Things To Do With A Yoga Teacher Certificate

There are two types of people who come into a yoga teacher training program (ytt)1. those who want to be yoga teachers and 2. those who aren’t sure about teaching, but certainly want to expand their own personal knowledge of yoga.

We will discuss the 3 top things you can do with your yoga teacher training certificate after graduation.

1. Its A Passport To Travel

Given the world of Covid, many people may not realize that when Covid is done, with a yoga teacher training certificate, you can pretty well get a job anywhere in the world.

So if you graduate with a certified yoga teacher training certificate, you can travel and work anywhere in the world.

2. Run Your Own Yoga School

This is probably something a lot of people who are considered doing a ytt don’t realize – or  don’t even dream of – but if you complete a yoga teacher training program and do two years of yoga teaching; after that you can open up your own certified yoga teacher training school.

With that you will be able to make a very comfortable living as a yoga trainer –  so certifying other people to become yoga teachers –  and you can again do this almost anywhere in the world.

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3. Other Like Yoga Fields

Yoga has grown exponentially for the past 20 years. And it continues to grow even as the world is entering post Covid (i.e. back to a normal life).

One of the main things you can do after doing a ytt is taking a Yoga Therapy Program. With this, you can become a yoga therapist. Yoga therapy is becoming a well-recognized – as well as well paying –  like yoga career. 

Alternatively to doing a yoga therapy program, one could take an Ayurveda Program and become an Ayurvedic  practitioner offering people holistic and natural yoga like ways to improve their health overall.

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It Opens The World

These are just three examples of how you can gain other employment after completing a yoga teacher training program. 

Regardless of what you end up doing career-wise after getting your yoga teacher training certificate, all of them will be satisfying. This is because yoga helps one develop leadership skills and the ability to become more authentic. Two components to having a  happy life.