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How Much Does Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

Everyday around the world from from Vancouver, Victoria , Kamloops, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Regina, SaskatoonWinnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, St Johns, or abroad in London, GreeceBali, Thailand, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, and Hawaii, the first question anybody considering becoming a yoga teacher (ytt) wants to know is: how much is it? 

The truth is yoga teacher training can be affordable to outrageously expensive. Running anywhere from $1,000 up to $15,000 depending who you do it with and where you take it. Having said that, here are 4 reasons doing a yoga teacher training is worth the cost at the end of the day.

1. It Is More Than Just A Course

This may or may not make sense, but a yoga teacher training course is more than just of course. It is learning the fundamentals of a practice that has been around for over 5,000 years.

This learning includes yoga literature, yoga philosophies, and yoga cosmology which speak about the truth of life, the purpose of life, and our connection to God and so much more.  So aside from just learning to teach yoga poses and breathwork, it’s a lot more!

2. It’s Going To Change Your Life

Anybody entering a yoga teacher training should fully embrace it. If you do, your life will be changed completely at the end.

This is for the fact that when we come into a yoga teacher training, we will be doing lots of yoga and lots of breathwork with other students doing the same thing. 

When we do this, we start to slow our mind down and with this, we begin to see the patterns within our own lives – with people, things and what not – which may be holding us back and not allowing us to follow our own true paths in life.

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3. Lifelong Friends

Yoga teacher training is analogous a bit to  a college fraternity. In that it’s not just an experience you have with other people. It’s a uniquely human and empathetic experience with others like human beings. 

These people  will be – for some people for the first time – genuine life long friends who will be there for the remaining important points in your life journey. 

4. Its Not That Expensive

As mentioned above, ytt can run from anywhere from $1,000 up to $15,000 depending where you take it and who you take it with. 

Any reputable yoga teacher training program will offer payment plans. Meaning a down payment and a payment plan will allow you to come into the program.

For example if you can find – which is possible almost everywhere – a $2,000 yoga teacher training program, most would accept a $500 deposit to allow you to start the program. 

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With the remaining $1,500 balance being spread over a year. If one thinks of the amount of money they spent on movies, going to Starbucks and other non-essential expenses in a month, the amortizing such a balance can work out to be less than $100 a month, after the $500 deposit.  This $2,000 can lead to life changing tools and experiences; as well as giving you access to a career which you can do anywhere.

So at the end of the day, is a  yoga teacher training worth it? In our opinion, yes! For $2,000 this program will not just get you a yoga teacher job and it will change your life and give you life long genuine friends. If you embrace it fully it will allow you to get on the path towards your dreams; all this for $2,000

If you’re considering doing a yoga teacher training, check out our affordable yoga teacher training all over the world. 

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