Regardless of where you live in Canada – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal –   yoga welcomes all people. Young and old. Rich and poor. Male and female. Yoga accepts all, and it unifies people with one another as well. Yoga to me is a way to cope with stress and anxiety, a chance to connect with the inner silence and peace inside. 

Every movement has a purpose and a connection to the breath which makes it mindful. It has help me find great strength in what my body can do. Yoga has affected me off the mat more than anything I have participated in. 


A form of spiritual development, by training the body and mind to become more self-aware and to observe themselves in their own nature. 

It reduces stress and disease with a dramatic increase in relaxation within one’s life. Yoga to me is my “escape”, whether it’s from my day-to-day struggles, or reality in general. It is an escape to a place of such peace and confidence in your own skin and body. 

Teaching you gradually how to love yourself as a whole. I believe 100% that Yoga has the power to improve the quality of life of every person who decides to practice it. 


It is, generally, a meditative practice designed to guide a person to discovering one’s physical and mental nature, along with realizing the universal truth. Yoga, for me, also promotes self-healing. Living in our world today we face many stressful situations or problems that some people never properly learn to cope with. 

Yoga allows you to find the inner strength of your focus and concentration, and to project that on to yourself. While practicing yoga, you are attaining perfect equilibrium and harmony, with your Mind, Body, and Soul.


You gain a better sense of control over your life, because it all starts with loving yourself completely. I know for me, personally, it has absolutely improved my way of thinking and problem solving. I am now able to way out all odds of a situation without feeling the negative pressures of making a decision. 

In The End

In  my yoga teacher training (ytt) and many yoga teachers that I have had experience with, would talk about the importance of the quiet mind. They would explain to us that we should push ourselves (with reasonable force) through the highly physical postures. 

The reason for that is because after, we are exhausted enough to let go into your quiet mind, or state of sacred inner peace. It is also known to not expect positivity or surreal happiness. Expectations lead to disappointment, but if immense positivity and happiness does come, be aware of it. 

You will then feel a great sense of gratitude and appreciation for the practice of Yoga. It is the power of the spiritual aspect of yoga that will have you wanting to practice it more and more.