Yoga’s Future:The Past

Yoga is over 5,000 years old despite this it’s something that grows more more each year, especially North America. About 50 million people more or less who practice yoga in North America.

Diversification with the the styles of seems to be the way those in the yoga industry are making it more popular with the general population’s. So  the question must be asked: what’s the future of yoga?

Large outdoor yoga class

Yoga’ Future: Supply vs. Demand

Yoga as stated above is in greater demand than ever. The world is becoming more and more a stressful place and what has been offered by society for the last 20 years in many ways has not made people’s lives less stressful.

In a sense the world has become more stressed or disconnected and people feel spiritually lost. So in all this growth, there will be an increased need to supply yoga teachers and yoga studios.

Moreover,  most of the customers are looking for more affordable, friendly and inclusive yoga teachers and studios, the opposite of the trends over past 20 years.  

Yoga’s Future: Industry Trends

As stated above, there has been a diversity in yoga which seems to be others way of making yoga  more palatable for the general masses.

Bikram’s has taken the lead of this trend in the last 40 years. His aggressive capitalist approach to yoga and yoga teacher training has earned him  millions as well as an infamous reputation. Especially with the legal settlement cases around the rape charges several years ago.

Aerial yoga as well as acro yoga are two styles which are very popular and they do not dilute – in my opinion – the essence of yoga.

Wismen sitting and meditating while doing yoga

Yoga’s Future: So What Is The Future!

The fact is if the world is to find true connection and peace with each other, yoga will play a major part because yoga – as opposed to all things we perceive in this world – as it cuts to the truth and helps people find  their true voice.

For those who do follow yoga as a career, they will be well rewarded as the  average salary currently for a good yoga instructor in Canada is approximately $64,000 a year.

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