Over the last twenty years being a yoga teacher has changed a lot. In the past yoga was practised without modern props, instead towels, rugs and pieces of wood (they were the first yoga blocks) were used and yoga teachers more or less would tell the students what poses to go into and students would make their way into them with little or no instructions or modifying and variations from the yoga teacher.

Yoga Teacher Training Class

Great Yoga Teacher #1: You Are Always A Student

As a yoga teacher you are always a student. Any yoga teacher who thinks they are too good to keep attending others yoga classes of other yoga teachers will stagnant as a yoga teacher.

There’s always going to be a teacher’s class that will be able to pick up on better ways to teach. As well as be able to see the calibre of teaching going on in and around where you live.

Great Yoga Teacher #2: Rapport

Establishing a loving and friendly inclusive rapport with everybody who comes into your class; regardless if they are regulars, is one of the strongest way to build a great reputation as a yoga teacher.

Taking the time to go over  to the mats of a new student  and asking them about themselves, is also a great way to connect with them.

Great Yoga Teacher #3: Speaking Well

If you speak in a very deliberate and monotone way, you’ll kill any connect with the student taking your class. You will need to learn to use your voice to express enthusiasm and genuineness when teaching a yoga class.

Students in a yoga teacher training class adjusting each ohter
Students in a yoga teacher training class adjusting each ohter

Any great yoga teacher will know that students can go anywhere and get the poses, variations and instructions of how to breathe properly. But  what they can’t always get is a yoga teacher who loves what they’re doing and who brings a sense of calming peace and lovingness to the yoga class, they are teaching.

Great Yoga Teacher #4: Have Some Fun!

Fun in a yoga class, is for me  one of the biggest things lacking in most yoga classes. Too many yoga teachers are afraid to have some fun with  their yoga classes. But  think about it for a second! Where can adults – including young adults – go and have a genuine fun time with other adults without there being alcohol and egos involved?  The answer is: Really nowhere!

So if you can come together with a group of strangers and have fun, then it’s  like adults being at an adult day care and that’s something you can’t put a price on!

In the end, being a yoga teacher is a sacred and honorary position to be in and one must treat the position with the greatest of respect. One were  ego never enters into the equation or it will be the quickest way to lose any respect of your new and old student!

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