A career as a yoga teacher can be a very rewarding experience. You will have the opportunity to guide others through their practice, which you have created, to assist individuals to reach optimal levels of well-being. To encourage and empower others to deepen their breath, to become more mindful and to live more consciously. There are many opportunities to connect with students and other like-minded
people, as you will become part of a strong community. You will also become a person of influence for others and can affect the lives of the people around you. With this does come with responsibility, however, leading by example is a powerful opportunity to demonstrate the gifts of living a yoga lifestyle, while pursuing yoga as a career.

Yoga as a career will provide you many benefits to living a balanced and happy life. Not only will you have flexibility in your schedule, rather than being required to work 9-5. You will also benefit from practicing yoga yourself. There is also much reward in offering something so valuable and healing to others. It is very important for over all well-being to feel substantiated in life, by not only earning a
decent income, but also by feeling fulfilled in one’s own life and purpose.

There may be certain cons as well to yoga as a career: There can be inconsistency of work available as a yoga teacher which can create financial strain. This can be difficult depending on where you live and the amount of teachers and studios in your area. It may take time to establish a consistent income as a
yoga teacher. Yoga teacher training – to acquire the certification to become a yoga teacher – can be expense. This will be different for each individual, however, may be a deterrent for some. Yoga is becoming a very competitive market. This can affect some individuals and their motives and attitude in the yoga community which may also be dis-pleasing.

As with any career there will be pros and cons. It is important to make an educated decision before pursuing this path.