For many years I believed that the soul was an individual unit that resided in a physical body until the body died.  It then left the body and went somewhere.  

So I now realize that regardless of where you live in Canada – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal,  St John’s, its the same for everyone, I was never quite sure where it went but it stayed there until another body was ready for the soul to inhabit and continue on with learning the needed lessons that would eventually allow the soul to go somewhere else again not sure where but it was this enlightened place.

Having taken a yoga teacher training program, I now know if in any of the bodies that the soul inhabited it learned all of the required lessons then it would immediately go to that “special place”.


So as a young person this suited me.  I didn’t need all the answers, I was okay with that explanation.  This story allowed me to be more at ease than the Christian version so I went with it.

In my early 30’s this story no longer served me.  I felt like so many pieces were missing and so I began to explore more of myself and various religious and spiritual teachings, as I did yoga more.

I have a version of many teachings combined that provide me with some answers that I can ruminate further on but nevertheless give me a sense of a Truth that I can for the time being be with.


This is that version.  The soul that lives within is a part of a much larger energy that is vast in its knowledge and its wisdom.  Think Hogwarts Pensieve in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. 

That’s how I imagine it anyway.  A soul that enters a body is not one individual but made up of millions of pieces of the larger energy with each piece holding knowledge that allows answers to come to the mind as needed along the mind-body journey.  


As souls experience different parts of mind body life those experience enter the larger energy in real time, allowing new beings access to more and more information.  

I suppose in our current days we could then look at it as a spiritual internet.  In past days it may have been more like and encyclopedia.  

The key to this knowledge and guidance however is are you open to it.  “If you build it, he will come” “He” from this quote representing the knowledge.  If you are open to it, it will come.

The lesson then for the mind body is to learn to be open to the knowledge that is already there from millions, billions of years, in addition to keeping the highway open for your current experiences and gained knowledge to go back to the larger energy during your body’s lifetime.


At death, while our body nourishes the Mother Earth our soul returns to the larger energy with all the knowledge and this knowledge is absorbed and then redistributed to other souls as they begin their journey in new bodies and the journey continues. 

These are my thoughts, my beliefs, for now.  Behaviour is not static, it ebbs and flow and so too should our thoughts.  If we sit comfortably under the grey of our cultural fog we are forever closed.  The exact opposite of what we truly need.