Regardless of where you live in Canada – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal, the  soul is the unexplainable but that  you experience the soul when you are connected with your own being. When you are connected with your own being that means that you are connected with your true self, instead of your egoand that is the soul. 


Even though the soul cannot be psychologically or scientifically proven, I agree  that you can adopt devices, like yoga and meditation to arrive at your soul.  

I really resonated and liked the description of the soul which compares it to a light which sees or knows itself and knows others. 

The video’s, Enlighten Up, description went on by stating that, that light is always with you and has been with you for many centuries but you’re not familiar with it. 

Even though the soul is always with us, as I described above, we must try to seek into our being. I’m not certain what the difference between the soul and enlightenment is; however, from my understanding, I think that the soul is already somewhat established and might be a prerequisite for experiencing enlightenment. 


For example, in this video, we  can conclude that Nick’s enlightenment occurs when he dreams of his mother and realizes that he misses her so decides to move closer to his mother. Therefore, he has connected his enlightened experience with his soul’s journey. 

Through enlightenment Nick gained universal wisdom and I believe that he was able to do so by being one with his soul and connecting to his true self.  


The soul means to me right now: peace, and tranquility and I believe it will keep me grounded even in challenging events. The soul reminds me that we are all one even though this is not something tangible we can see but it is something that is felt deeply and that is at the core of our well-being. 

For example, if someone else is suffering, then my soul also suffers because we are connected. I don’t believe that these connected feelings are only a consequence of empathy, but someone’s suffering can also be felt by the energy they emit into the world. 

Even though it might not be our responsibility to help everyone that we come across, I think we should at least be inclined to provide support versus intervention, unless it is needed. 


Even if we were not all connected, it is still best to act in a way that benefits everyone versus ourselves, which is only feeding our ego. 

Given that we are all connected, this leads me to question if yoga philosophy would suggest that everyone should act in a way where someone else’s problem becomes our problem. 

I believe we would cross social and cultural boundaries if we adopted that mentality but helping someone is acceptable as long as they agree to it.

I also question how one can alleviate their own suffering when they are connected to other’s suffering, but they are not able to control other’s suffering. I’m aware of personal coping tools, but I’m curious what type of philosophy  yogis have regarding this.