It’s a completely fair statement to say that yoga teacher training in general it’s really expensive in Canada. And in the yoga capital of Canada, Vancouver, it has some of the highest tuitions rates around.


Before spending upwards of $3,000, it’s important to know the facts; in Vancouver, there is a saturation of yoga teachers. There is about 1,200 yoga teachers in Vancouver, BC.

This fact exist for the reason that most people take a yoga teacher training not to become a yoga teacher. In the beginning many people will tell themselves that’s why they’re doing it, but really it’s a way for yogis to dive into yoga philosophy deeply.


If you’re going to become a yoga teacher in Vancouver, you need to look at the quality of the program to ensure that it certified and that the price is something you can afford.

Once you have completed a certified yoga teacher training program in Vancouver, the next step would be realizing that subbing will be something you will need to do for the next year or two.

If you’re smart, you will only teach yoga classes in your area (i.e your neighborhood); which means you will have the benefit of not having to travel all over the Lower Mainland to get teaching hours (i.e experience). But this will also mean that you might have to  do more voluntary hours to have this convenience.

At the end of the day

At the end of the day, the one thing that stands out from a good yoga teacher vs not a good yoga teacher, is someone who is hone their yoga teaching skills.

Too many times, I’ve been in yoga classes in Vancouver and Victoria BC, to find yoga teachers who say the cookie cutter phrases but are not truly competent to be teaching yoga.

We all know the difference between a good and not-so-good yoga teacher and what primarily stands out with the good ones,  is they have yoga skills and people skills that can only be garnered from teaching many yoga classes.

In conclusion

There is no need to get distraught by the saturation of yoga teachers in Vancouver. There are affordable yoga teacher training programs, as we provide, and once you have completed one, you simply have to get insured and be willing to put the hours into honing your teaching skills.

This will help you find your niche and will help you find your Dharma and all those things together will make you a great yoga teacher in Vancouver, BC.