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Quick and Fast Paced Society

Most of us have grown up in a society that has taught us that convenience is to be desired; and being a yoga consumer not the norm. What you want are things that are quick, easy, and cheap. Why? Because it will make your life so much easier, and leave you with more time to do other things, like work.

What we’re seeing now is the economic, environmental, and physical repercussions of creating a society like this. Local businesses are suffering, the environment is becoming stressed. Moreover, our minds and bodies are becoming weaker. We need to refocus on quality over quantity!

There are some simple ways that as a consumer you can try to change living in a fast paced and primarily consumer driven society, like Vancouver.

Robson Street Vancouver's main consumer street
Robson Street Vancouver’s main consumer street

Shop Local

Support businesses in  Vancouver that produce their products locally. Instead of hitting up a huge retail chain store for your new yoga mat for your yoga teacher training class check out that little shop you’ve passed on your way to work countless times.

You may have never heard of them but I can almost guarantee you that you will get to know the owners of the shop at least once or twice. You can actually meet and see the people that you are supporting. The same goes for choosing a yoga teacher training course. Instead of choosing a retreat centre on the other side of the globe check out some local yoga centre’s first.

If you really want to do your yoga teacher training in another part of the world inquire about it to these yoga centre’s. At least a couple are bound to offer their yoga teacher training abroad!

Consume Less

Instead of rushing to the store every time you need a new mat for yoga teacher training or for your yoga practice check used shops.

Every time you choose to buy used products that’s one less new product that has to be produced! If you feel like you really need to buy something new evaluate your thought process first.. Try to dig deeper and ask yourself why you feel like you need it.

Sometimes the answer will surprise you and you’ll realize you really don’t need it! Another option for used clothing is a clothing swap. Get  friends together,  throw in some snacks, drinks, and music, and have everyone bring some items that they’re done with.

Whatever’s left over in the end, consider donating to a clothing donation centre! Great way to get some new pieces, clean out some old pieces, and be able to give back a little bit!

It’s not that hard to be a mindful and conscious consumer. It may just take a little bit or patience and practice to get into the groove of reducing your consumption, reusing things you have already, and asking where things are coming from. It’s important to inform yourself, and really question things. It’s important to know who you’re supporting and be able to know where your things are being produced.

Sometimes it may take a little longer to shop at the local farmer’s market and make your dinner from scratch, but in the end you will feel so much better, mind body and soul.

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