girl in a yoga classYoga: History

Many people who are new to yoga ask the simple question: What is yoga. The answer is not always an easy one to answer; but here is a simple answer:

Yoga is the spiritual fitness of the mind, body and soul. This pre-historic practice has made its way into to a post-contemporary society by engaging the body through prayer and connecting fractal, soul energy all over the world. Why Yoga is continuously viewed as a widely important practice, could stem from the health results of its practicing peoples and also, its defined meaning.

Yoga: Philosophy

Yoga, its philosophy and practice are considered to be sacred. Together, the techniques of Yoga aim to liberate the soul’s expansion, while also connecting the mind and body through self- visualization and unified levels of consciousness.

Also, Yoga harnesses the body through an intense discipline of stretching, posing, chanting and breathing. Yoga defines the shared space between our “interior”, “self-mastery” as one main spiritual accomplishment with our “exterior”, enlightenment and transcendent path.

Adding to this, Yoga creates a method that conditions the body as the “lower self” and the mind and soul as the “higher self”.

Lastly, Yoga in this way, allows for meditation to be experienced and peace of the mind, body and soul to be reached. Thus, what Yoga could very well be, is a formula for body to be unified, awakened and self-successful.

a large group of people doing yoga in India
A large group of people doing yoga in India

Yoga: Overall

Yoga in the end is not a religion; it is the truth of who we are, religion is a human construct to understand cerebrally what we don’t know. While yoga if done properly leads us the to one answer that there is no god that we are god and that there is a force and intelligence in the universe which we as entities of positive energy and really just a part of the universe.

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