What is yoga for me?

Regardless where you live in Canada, Vancouver, Victoria , Kamloops, Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Regina, Saskatoon,  Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, London , Halifax, St Johns everyone thinks about this question.

I know that many examples when people came to yoga or yoga teacher training after some physical or emotional traumas… because benefits of practicing are well-known — stronger body, clear mind, better focus, calmer brain, ability to relax faster.

Science says?

I guess I want it all. Many scientists and doctors say that we don’t use capability of our body and brain in full. Someone says we use only 5{131173ed06903c8be65f6a81efeb8c2748771fe1459b6ab57276defad424c2c3}, someone says it’s 10{131173ed06903c8be65f6a81efeb8c2748771fe1459b6ab57276defad424c2c3}. I don’t know how much of my potential I am using right now but I feel it’s definitely not 100{131173ed06903c8be65f6a81efeb8c2748771fe1459b6ab57276defad424c2c3}.

We all know famous W. Shakespeare’s words: “All the world’s a stage and all the menand women merely players”.

I feel like we took it very literally — nowadays we are like guests at a masquerade ball — everyone in some costume and face covered under the mask… someone is afraid to frighten others and some people are afraid to look at themselves.

Being Alone?

We think that we know ourselves very well but why then we so uncomfortable being alone? For some people easier to find others online then in real life, they have 500 “friends” in Facebook and 1000 likes under their selfie from a gym.

They look so happy and successful, until you start talking to them… then you can see how fragile and unsecured they are. How much energy we spend to have this image of happy person?

Being Happy?

Sometimes it’s much harder than just BE a happy person. Someone said to me once: “Things are created in order to use them and people to love them”, but I feel that somewhere on the way we forgot about this and everything got mixed up.

Today we love things and use people. Just change two words in sentence and it gives totally different meaning and feeling.

Center of The Universe?

I believe that each of us is center of our universe. I am center of my universe and you are center of yours. Or if to make it more visual — we are light bulbs surrounded by mirrors — what kind of light you give, same reflection you receive.

Thinking like this motivates me to be the best “light bulb” I can possibly be! If I want love, happiness,appreciation, inspiration, kindness, generosity, etc. I need to find it inside myself and then spread it in my universe.

I am probably not very spiritual because I do not plan any heroic deeds and exploits and I am not ascetic to be a saint, but I believe that every person can become a little bit better to themselves and a little bit better to people around — and this will make our world much better place.


Human being is very complicated structure — we have physical body, mind and a soul. 

Everything in balance in universe — good and bad, day and night, happiness and sadness, yin and yang, logically the strength of the body, soul and mind should be in balance too.

I believe yoga helps to cure and make stronger all of them cause yoga is all about balance, strength and focus.

Everyone has their own way to make world better place — my way is yoga. I think Idon’t know all power of yoga yet but I will definitely get there.