Regardless where you live,  Vancouver, Victoria , Kamloops, Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Regina, Saskatoon,  Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, London , Halifax, St Johns or even Bali or even if you are a yogi or teacher trainer of yin, hatha, kids, therapy 300 hour or 200 hour ytt, Enlightenment means alot things, it can mean:

Reconnecting with my-self and re-connecting with god. Forgiveness, Patience, understanding the meaning of life, cycles, the purpose of pain, being one with nature.  


Surviving the challenges of life, loving life no matter what it brings. When we start self-love in order to love others.  Let go of grudge and let in compassion.

To prosper, to give without expecting in return. Stop wanting, let this flow. Smell the air and heal. Statement of awareness. Accepting other no matter what.

We all have our own flaws. So do others. Just as we don’t always like everyone, not everyone will like us either. Accept that’s ok. We can learn from what we don’t like about them.

Ability to see what every single person that shows up in our life has to teach us. Ability to learn from our mistakes and move forward. Meditation, calming down, let go off stress. Learn to communicate.  


Understanding signals in life. Finding our purpose. Helping others. Sharing our knowledge.   

Find peace within. Respect everyone no matter what race they are, religion, language or beliefs.  

The beach, being free. To sing, to dance, to sail. Diligence.

Seeing things from all perspectives. Inspiration. Friends, family.  Being thankful, appreciation. Smiles, gentle people. Humans greeting each other. Exercise. Not caring what people think. Listening, enjoy the little pleasures, the small things in life.  


Our senses, the waves in the ocean, the sounds of nature. Tolerance, scents, remembering our loved ones who have passed away.  Distinguish and appreciate different cultures. Let go of fear. The cosmos. All the time in the world. Give ourselves time.  

Remember that never is too late to start over or to learn new things or new skills. Microorganisms. Know that we are free to do whatever we want. When people laugh and transmits a good feeling.

The ability to understand our mind without people guidance. Have the courage to use our own understanding without always doing what others tell us to do.  


The end of suffering. Knowing that we are all one no matter where we come from. We all live in the same planet. One same universe. Let go of the picture of what you thought it would be and learn to find joy in the story you are actually living.

Accepting the timing of our life. Detach from material possessions. When you experience a pause in the action, then it’s time to reassert yourself and get things moving again.

Realize how far we’ve come and appreciate our own effort. Determination. Embracing who we are. Having a vision. Self-confidence. Optimism for the future. A fresh start. Ability to adapt. Fresh ideas. Taking a chance. Embracing life. Optimism. Equality. Transformation. Lessons in life. Solving ailments.  


Enjoy life loving. Keep the peace by being ourselves. Authentic. Follow our beliefs. Accepting our body the way it is, our whole being.

When we focus on the most wonderful relationship we can have. The relationship with ourselves.

When we stop making assumptions. When we stop taking things personally.