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You’ve Got Your Yoga Teacher Training Certificate So Now What Do You Do?

This first part is a true story:  I had a student once who was so motivated to get a job as a yoga teacher, she quit her regular job prior to starting her training. I never heard of what happened to her, but that’s not a good strategy for starting a yoga career.

It’s usually mandatory that a yoga teacher training (ytt) programs offer some kind of career guidance. A few do a good job in preparing students for the next step after they’ve gotten their yoga teacher training certificate. So the question begs what are you going to do now that school is out?

1. Do The Essential Things First

Before you do anything, make the expenses that you need to do to start your yoga career right. Get liability insurance, pick a good yoga name, get a Instagram and Facebook accounts going  with that name and start a business plan as well. Do all this before you go and register as a yoga teacher.

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2. Become An Assistant

A lot of established yoga teachers will advice to go and volunteer  for your first teaching job at a studio. I think that’s even jumping the gun a bit. I think what is best to do is to get an assisting job first. When you assist in a yoga class, you get hands-on directions from the main teacher and you will also be placed in the feeling of how it feels to be a yoga teacher without having to take all the responsibilities of being the one in charge. 

3. Teach Friends, Family and Coworkers

Teaching  friends as well as family members helps you to get your teaching voice and this helps you with getting comfortable teaching. Think of the yoga teacher training the theoretical aspect of your yoga career and  think of assisting and teaching friends and families as the practical component of that training. 

You can also offer  groups that you are part of or maybe even organize a small 15  to 30-minute lunch time yoga class with people at work. All this aids with confidence and confidence is key to starting your yoga career as a teacher right.

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4. Keep Learning

Can’t say this enough, but you should keep your own personal practice going and you should keep reading other yoga teachers blogs and other yoga related materials. This will  help to reinforce what you’ve learned in your ytt and it will keep you energized and be excited about yoga and therefore your teaching will be one that people will gravitate more to. 

Covid didn’t slow down the popularity of yoga and specifically with yoga teacher trainings, it just made it go online. And this only amplified it’s reach to more people in the world. 

So the demand for yoga will continue to grow exponentially, as the world transitions towards a more conscious level.  Said simpler, becoming a yoga teacher is competitive and to stand out you should take the 4 things above into mind to start your yoga teaching career successfully.