Newly Graduated

So you’ve just returned from Bali or your local yoga studio after months of intense learning of asanas, meditation and the yoga philosophy,  from a yoga teacher training program and you are ready to be a yoga teacher.  After some time you find looking around, there aren’t a lot of job postings for yoga teachers. So why is that?

A yoga teacher leading a class in Victoria BCToo Many!

The reality is that although yoga is very popular,  it still is not popular enough that the number of yoga teachers is equal to the number of people going to yoga studios.  Simply said, there is an over-saturation of yoga teachers in many areas of North America (e.g San Francisco, Vancouver, Victoria, etc).  So how does one get a yoga job?

Do The Work!

Honestly, as a yoga teacher myself in Victoria and Vancouver, the best advice I can give anyone is that if you’re going to become  a yoga teacher quickly, you need to volunteer your time. You need to get experience because only with experience are you going to be able to hone your teaching skills and that’s going to build confidence.

Also anyone hiring you will see quickly enough you don’t have skill or experience and that’s going to put them into an advantageous position, hiring wise.

A yoga teacher teaching a kids yoga class

Do Your Own Thing

Probably the best of all worlds is to simply find an affordable place that you can run a yoga class yourself. That will give you all the power to decide what  type of yoga classes you want to teach, when to teach it and who your clients are!  Also, you can make some money.

But be warned, if you do this,  aside to  learning and honing your skills, which again is the effort of tweaking your sequence, you’re going to have to put some effort into advertising your yoga classes, which might involve some startup money.

Sum Up

Having said all this,  getting a yoga job is actually hard. Many people are enthusiastic to say that they’re working as a yoga teacher. What many will fail to tell you is they’re working at several studios, teaching one class a week at each. So actually, maybe they are teaching 3 or 4 classes a week; being paid 30 to 40 dollars an hour.

None of this is sustainable. And again, those are the lucky ones. So if you want to be a yoga teacher in the long term, remember it’s going to be hard because of the over saturation of yoga teachers out there.

But if yoga is a passion and you put the effort in, you will stand out and you will find a full time career as a yoga teacher!

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