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How Yoga Teacher Training Helps You Find Your Center

In my 20 years experience doing yoga, the modern yoga teacher training (ytt) is becoming the new mecca where people eventually find their center or personal power. It seems to be replacing churches, families and social norms to a great extent.

I think this is happening primarily for the fact that ytt serve as a personal way of reckoning  ones personal journey. As the old  yoga quote says: “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”.

students in corpse pose in a yoga teacher training program

It Helps You Become You

This  would not be the first time that I’ve said  this, but yoga teacher training is really about finding yourself. I am not talking about your persona. What I am talking about is doing a ytt makes you  face all of the traumas and pains.

What’s most shocking is how some people come into a ytt and because the are so  open-mindeded end up having the largest levels of growth within the short amount of time of the training.

Moreover they seem to be dumb-founded to discover how simple it is to be their genuine selves. 

It Allows You To Be Braver

It might be said doing a lot of yoga helps with anxiety to some extent. I think yoga  and ytt do that but I think they also help us to see that the anxieties we personally carry around, for certain things, are not as bad as we make them to be.

I think that even more  what yoga and ytt do are they it allow us – to despite any lingering anxieties we have with things – to bite the bullet and to proceed along paths we know are right for us – even when the external world and everyone else says not to.

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The Power To  Transcend Others

It’s the combination of all of these things – being braver, having less anxiety and becoming our genuine selves – that leads to what I think is the most powerful thing:  being that sort of person makes us a beacon/gives permission for others to do the same.

When we obtain our own personal power –  for the first time or getting it back – we  use the minimum amount of energy to bullet towards our own personal goals and this helps others  to do the same.