Yoga Teacher Training & Celebrities

Yoga is one of popular exercises among celebrities, and some celebrities such as Emma Watson and Demi Moore have recently taken their practice to the next level by becoming certified yoga teachers.

While it might be hard to take celebrities seriously as yoga teachers, those who become certified to teach are just as dedicated as anyone else. Anyone whether they are a celebrity or non-celebrity that enters into a yoga teacher training program is serious about deepening their understanding of yoga asana and yoga philosophy.

According to Yoga Journal’s interview, here are some Hollywood stars who embarked on the yogic journey and why they might inspire you:

Students in a yoga teacher training class adjusting each ohter
Students in a yoga teacher training class adjusting each ohter

Emma Watson:

The Harry Potter actress, 24, became certified to teach yoga and meditation last year. She did it as a way to cope with life on the road. “I was like, ‘I need to find a way to always feel safe and at home. As well as within myself because I can never rely on a physical place,” she told Elle Australia in April.

Reason you’ll relate: “Yoga is a practice that lives within you and you can take it wherever you go,” Lombardo says. “I have found for folks that are constantly on the move, the foundation the training gives them provides them with a deep sense of grounding and stability and ‘home’ from within.”

Demi Moore:

After her divorce from Ashton Kutcher, Moore, 51, reportedly embarked on a three-day workshop. This was to receive her Kundalini teaching certification at Nine Treasures Yoga studio in West Hollywood.

Reason You’ll Relate: “In a training program, you are given a lens to make sense of the recent trauma from the perspective of the soul. You are given an opportunity to turn your pain into fertilizer that is in better alignment with your truth.”

A yoga teacher ajusting a student in a yoga teacher training course
A yoga teacher ajusting a student in a yoga teacher training course

Kristin Davis:

Long before she became a household name as Charlotte on Sex and the City. Davis found her calling as an Ashtanga yoga teacher in Los Angeles. “I started doing yoga in my ’20s,” the 49-year-old has said. “I did teacher training. That was what I was going to do if acting didn’t work out. I started teaching other actors right at the beginning of the yoga craze.”

Reason You’ll Relate: “Many find after a training they have a lot more clarity about where they want to go with their life” “It’s quite a magical time of transformation and stepping into your own power in a greater way.”

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