Yoga is about transcendence transcendence of the ego self, to the non ego self.


In my time as a yoga teacher trainer in Toronto, Vancouver, Hamilton, I have come across people who are yoga skeptics. it’s only been recently that I’ve been able to understand how yoga is different than anything else to help someone to transcend, regardless if they are a skeptic or not.

women meditating


We all grow up differently, but to some extent we are all programmed similarly: With the same values and laws, depending on where we live.

We are all programmed innately to search for meaning in life, and we look to make sense of the world as we feel and sense it ourselves. And ultimately this how I fit together – prior to my life as a yogi – who I was.

Moreover, country institutions, my parents, my education and my profession in psychology only validated this reality of who I thought I was.

Starting Yoga

It’s when I began to do yoga that I began to see there was much more than simply what I felt and saw in the world. As yoga is not a religion itself. It is a spiritual quest with beliefs universally shared by Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus  alike.

Wismen sitting and meditating while doing yoga

Is not a therapy, yet every day, millions of people find self fulfillment and enlightenment, not on a counselor coach, but on a yoga mat.

Yoga is not a school. But there is no singular thing I believe you can do to gain more personal wisdom from than yoga.

In fact, I  strongly believe in the phrase ‘everything I need to know in this life I will learn from my yoga.”

Yoga literally means the yoking, the unification of the mind, body and soul.

Again, it is neither of religion, psychology nor an Institute. It is simply a tool to one’s personal truth: what is your dharma, said differently, what is your true life purpose!