Wismen sitting and meditating while doing yoga
Wismen sitting and meditating while doing yoga


Enlightenment is a state of being. Modern society today consists of traffic, bills, working long hours,
having an endless list of tedious responsibilities that create massive loads of stress. We worry
too much and feel so little. A wise man by the name of Oscar Wilde once said “To live is the
rarest thing in the world, most people exist, that is all”.


Much of society has become numb to the experience of being alive. People wake up, sit in traffic – be it Toronto, Hamilton, Victoria, Vancouver –  go to work, hate their jobs, come home, eat dinner in front of the television instead of interacting with their loved ones (in the Western world fast food is an increasing habit) and then go to sleep.

What is It?

Upon waking, the same routine occurs again and again, sometimes the cycle remains the same for years. Enlightenment is being in a state of mindfulness during the present moment. Feelings of depression and anxiety are ceased and a rush of instant bliss fills the entire body.

And it seems as though maneuvering through life now is like experiencing weightlessness, living your life on cloud nine. Wandering thoughts are minimal and the experience of “being alive” is heightened.

When you are enlightened the world seems to appear more vibrant and animated. The significance of day to day experiences suddenly becomes more meaningful. It becomes easier to make connections
with each event, leading you closer and closer to understanding the bigger picture.

a large group of people doing yoga in India
A large group of people doing yoga in India

Way To Live

A way of living that nourishes the soul (Soul Food). The experience of being alive is no longer ordinary but rather extraordinary. It is like suddenly you have tapped into a sixth sense. Seeing and feeling
more than what is presently here in the physical world.

A true understanding that there is more to life than what meets the eye. It’s like you have suddenly found your free flow in the midst of all the waves of change because you are now aware of the presence of something greater than your own being. You become a beam of light. You are no longer just a wave, but instead the entire ocean.


You understand the interconnectedness of all living things and can no longer be
affected by the usual distractions and tortures of modern society (drama, stress, fear, regret,
hatred, etc.). A radiating and loving energy towards yourself and the world around you because
you have detached from the Ego and have connected to the inner voice, your own spirit.


Being happy is almost inevitable because the experience of “being alive” is enough to put a smile on
your face, from ear to ear. The process of spiritual transcendence. A state of “just being”. This can be achieved from yoga or yoga teacher training program.

Enlightenment is putting more emphasis on the life inside of you rather than the world around
you, knowing that the body is just a vessel that allows us to experience life on the physical
plane. Enlightenment is mastering the art of being at peace, unaffected by the chaos and in total
control of your own being (mind, body and spirit).

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