BC  has more people practicing yoga on a per capita basis than any other part of North America. Most enthusiasts are  concentrated  in Vancouver and Victoria.

With British Columbians being one of the most physically active communities, yoga has become a therapy and exercise tool to a large majority of people.

A yoga teacher leading a class in Victoria BC

Reasons Why?

With being already so well known for it’s therapeutic and physically beneficial ways, it’s hard not to get hooked. Couple that with the people living here being some of the most into healthy living in Canada, it’s a booming industry.

Moreover, the westcoast is different than other parts of Canada. Those living in BC is much more open to try alternative practices to resolve social and personal problems. Take a look at the expansion of marijuana stores in Vancouver and Victoria. These stores began opening well ahead of  them being  legal in Canada. This example should show us how B.C  is fertile ground for practices like yoga.

Furthermore, what people find as they continue on in their yogic experiences, is that yoga doesn’t just heal and continue to mend the physical body, but the whole being – mind and soul.

Yoga Teacher Training Class

In Summary

Today, we have more intelligence between people than ever before. As the intelligence gets stronger, so does the search for more logical solutions. From our history to the contemporary world, yoga prevailed because it has worked.

As yoga grew, with more instructors arising and various types being advertised, it has just continued to expand. In turn, advertised by big brands and celebrities who swear on their routine, it has allowed it to boom like people never imagined.

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